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Re: DUBG - 2.0 RC2 (12/03/2020)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:16 pm
2.0 RC2 is here.
This actually was possible since 2.0 RC1, but forgot to mention it: You can play D4V with DUBG's weapons, if you enable "dehacked compatibility" in DUBG's menu and load D4V first, and DUBG last. Same with various other mapsets that use DEHACKED, as well as monster and other DEHACKED mods.

Brief changelog follows:
-New Super Shotgun, graphics by... Uh, Franco Tieppo or Necronxxis (hope i spelled that right)? Smooth anims by HenryRenry, a.k.a ok_henry. Removed it's alt-fire.
-Revolver has been re-balanced, and has a longer reload animation to balance out it's firing power.
-Chainsaw now always gibs enemies with a gibbing animation, even without the monsters patch.
-Chaingunners will always drop a minigun, even without the monsters patch.
-Some other minor fixes.

Download link in the first post, as always.

EDIT: Big dumb me noticed the links were broken and directed to RC1 instead of RC2, and the monsters patch linked to the main .pk3. Sorry, that has been fixed now!