Touhou Doom - Episode 3.55 (Updated Re-Release)

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Re: Touhou Doom - Episode 3.5C (Updated Re-Release)

Postby Untitled » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:11 pm

ZikShadow wrote:Played through the whole thing again, Looney, same addons (Good ol' HUD, sounds, cannon sprites replaced), cutscenes off.

- Had a couple of times where lifebars stuck around after they're supposed to be gone, once right after defeating Cirno, the other during Flandre's fight.
- Had a bunch of error messages pop up during Starbow Break.

- Somehow managed to skip the megasphere given to you before Youmu.
- Missing lifebar at the start of Utsuho's fight.

- Had a couple of missing lifebars again with Tenshi and Yukari.
- Spirit Barrier limit too low, couldn't pick up one in Reimu's stage in my no-spell-cards run.

E1: Cirno: No idea what causes Cirno's lifebar not clearing - the scripts are terminated not once but actually *twice* due to poor flow (now just once).
E1: Flandre: I kind of want to punch Flandre's code in the face despite it not having a face. It's perpetually nonsensically broken. I literally changed nothing in Starbow break, it should not be giving errors now and of course none of these happen in testing. As for the errors, that's due to the fact that the orb spawners can quite frequently spawn the orbs outside of map bounds; in earlier versions of GZDoom the game doesn't give you an error for it; I don't really have any good way to fix this; I'm too attached to DECORATE to re-code the entire thing properly with ZScript or something better.
E2: Youmu: Yeah, it's mod compatibility thing - rather than giving a megasphere, I spawn one on top of the teleport location; TIL: as it turns out, ACS-based teleports preserve momentum. Fixed; you'll be forced to pick it up now.
E2: Utsuho: Fixed.
E3: Spirit Barriers: There's a limit of 8 in reference to the fact that 8 bombs is the maximum in the actual Touhou series post-UFO. Though, if you're not using them, I *do* have a CVar for that, you should know.
E3: Tenshi/Yukari: Okay, Tenshi seems to work just fine on my end. Thanks, inconsistent TID behavior. Yukari's just been inexplicably broken since literally always.

EDIT: Oh, and 3.5C is out: ... C.pk3?dl=1

EDIT #2:

wonder what this is...?
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Re: Touhou Doom - Episode 3.5C (Updated Re-Release)

Postby muzzdiez » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:08 pm

Well, I've spent last week on testing Touhou Doom 3.5A/B/C and it was like awesome!
Not just major changes, but even little ones are pretty cool, like that returning from Patchouli's library, you stand not near the entrance door of SDM, but near the library; and also nice changing of texture of former checkerboard - now it looks considerably better. And also I've seen you've fixed that little things like "Is she in contained within here" and others.

But as usual, I found a bunch of little (and not so little) bugs and inconsistencies (yep, everything's in just a hope to help making Touhou Doom better!)

At first, after some messing with DECORATE code and testing different suppositions, looks like I've finally found the cause of non-existent healthbars. What I've figured out, is the fact that DECORATE lines that call or terminate any script somehow should be 1-tick long instead of 0-tick. I don't know why it is so, but after I've done this, everything went OK.
Details follow:

Second problem is that if someone (including player) just after Patchouli being defeated (in any of her spells or nonpells) accidentally step on the place where she was, it prevent her from spawning, and thus render stage unbeatable, because Patchouli wouldn't appear anymore. I think she should telefrag anybody in her place in the moment of spawn, as, for example, Cirno does - instead of not appearing at all.
Previously, I considered this problem not so violent; but after I got this in very normal playthrough (if you're interested: I defeated her, as I thought, in last spell attack, but forgot that she has one more spell card. Then I ran forward the same moment I defeated her, thinking, could I reach door before stage ends, but... I've reached a door, then, after a few seconds, I realized something's going wrong. 'She has one more spell card, maybe', I thought, but - there was no Patchouli. And immediately I realized that it was that bug I noticed before...)

Well, then I checked several methods to avoid this like replacing Spawn() to SpawnForced() in script 604, adding +TELESTOMP to Patchouli, PatchouliNS2, and PatchouliSpellcard, using AllowMonsterTelefrags MAPINFO parameter, etc - this all don't work; so I suggest the only possible thing is to move script 604 behavior to DECORATE.
I suggest to fix it this way (very lots of text and ACS and DECORATE code):

Third problem was on MAP08: I've spotted that Flandre, on nonspells before Kagome Kagome, and before Starbow Break, experiences empty healthbar issue because of strange, but actual engine behavior - that is true for GZDoom (1.9.1), ZDoom (2.8.1), and Zandronum (2.1.2 and 3.0). In short, 'Goto <State>' jumps not into the state of current actor, but those actor, where this goto is defined. Further information:

And at last, some minor bugs, questions, strange moments and suggestions:

By the way:
Untitled wrote:wonder what this is...?
Uhm. Why am I thinking I know who will be the boss of this stage?
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Re: Touhou Doom - Episode 3.5C (Updated Re-Release)

Postby Untitled » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:35 am

muzzdiez wrote:[Big Issues]

Fixed. Hopefully. Given the state of everything I don't trust myself or the engine to behave logically, but I tried.
Patchouli's a pain, but I did reduce the time between cards, to make it more obvious. Because you really shouldn't be in melee range anyway; so if each card begins instantly, you can't accidentally cover the spawn *anyway*.

muzzdiez wrote:And at last, some minor bugs, questions, strange moments and suggestions:

By the way:
Untitled wrote:wonder what this is...?
Uhm. Why am I thinking I know who will be the boss of this stage?

System cards: Unintentional, I completely forgot about how ZDoom handles inventory items and forgot InterHubAmount. Fixed.
User spellcards 23 and 24 are both the same card, but they have the same name just to keep the numbering system consistent.
MAP05: There's quite a few enemies that call it in both spawn (usually actually idle) and see, when I'm feeling like being paranoid.
MAP12, MAP20, MAP16, MAP08: All fixed.
MAP17: Sanae's supposed to be an "or" deal. You're supposed to go either fight Sanae OR fight Iku and Tenshi. Fighting both wasn't meant to be an intentional route, and delaying the last cutscene for an optional and not even intentional route is a bit much.
MAP31: Iku's Melee Attack kills framerate? That's a strange one, I've never seen anyone have problems with that.
MAP32: Yeah, I've tried to optimize it a bit.
MAP20: Sort of a latent effect of a combination of 3D floors and the FIREBLU filter.
MAP16: Dekw sign now fixed. Takes away all vanilla weapons, if Touhou_DoomWeapons isn't on.
MAP12, MAP04, MAP11, MAP12, MAP08, MAP20, MAP15, MAP07 and MAP08: All Fixed.

Spoiler: The mysterious new map

EDIT: Version 3.55 is out: ... 5.pk3?dl=1
-Everything fixed in this post.
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Re: Touhou Doom - Episode 3.55 (Updated Re-Release)

Postby warman2012 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:47 am

With all this overpowered goodness on the side of the Touhou characters, is this the antithesis to our friends at Russian Overkill? I dunno, but I can't get that mod to work with this one! Guncaster dragon Cygnis Flaynithere is more than a match for these wannabe fairy dicks, so that is good! :D
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