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Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:28 am
by openroadracer
I know it's been two months since the last response here, but I've got just a minor feedback about Serious Sam's Minigun. You see, it doesn't get the conventional cooldown of other Active Abilities, instead getting ammo from the hourglass pickups. What I'm thinking is, make it where instead of Sam holding the Minigun until either a set time runs out or he runs it out of ammo, pressing the Active Ability key switches between using the Minigun or not. In other words, if you ever found yourself wanting to save what Minigun ammo you had on hand, you can just press the Active Ability key again to stow it away until you think you need it. Then just make it where the Minigun just doesn't regenerate on its own, requiring hourglasses to reload it.

And I know you're most likely not taking suggestions for new Champions, but I did post a concept for one over on the FreeDOOM Discord... I'll post the ideas here if anyone wants.

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:54 am
by ZDL_800
Hello and hope everyone is good.

This is epic works you have here, world class. After some slight issues with starting up a FFA online multiplayer with GZDoom, I realized something wasn't quite right? I read all 20+ pages after reading here that GZDoom isn't supported with online multiplayer?

Were 99% running in GZDoom, it looks amazing with all the shaders, this is by far the best DM madness!

Just cant add bots at the moment? May I ask, really sorry about this, but how can bots be added with GZDoom?

Could it be possible to add a custom .pk3 with the bot scripts?

Also it seems that you can load the first DM map with ZDL but only console commands can loadup the next map? I'm trying to figure out a script to load all the QCDE maps in sequential order.

This mod is outstanding. Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.

Here are some screenshots of the awesome COOP mode, the best coop in years, solid FPS madness.

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:11 am
by openroadracer
Okay, so, I've got more ideas in my head about how to improve this mod. That idea for a new Champion is something I'll talk about, but I've also developed a different idea for another new Champion. I will say that I think they'd both work best as Heavy-class, and they're both hyper-American ultra-patriotic types. Interestingly, neither of them is actually from an IP developed in the United States, though one of them is based on a real life warship. I think I've already spoiled the entirety of that one...

But first, I want to talk about the secondary fire upgrade for the Shotgun, the "Surface Explosive" ability: Honestly, it's kinda counterintuitive to me. It encourages missing your target to get the explosive to go off, but it otherwise only gives a minor damage buff. I just don't much care for the way it works. I've got three ideas and I'd love to see people discuss them, maybe decide which would be best:
  • Option one would be "Explosive Slug", which is just what it sounds like, basically converting the Shotgun into a grenade launcher with impact-detonated shots. This could be seen as too similar to the Tribolt, however, so it's honestly my least favorite idea of the three.
  • Option two would be "Burst Fire", similar to the "Charged Burst" upgrade for the Combat Shotgun from DOOM 2016, allowing the Shotgun to fire three shells in very rapid succession. This would enable the player to deliver Super Shotgun-like damage at a longer range at the expense of using an additional shell, especially if the "Longer Barrel" upgrade is in effect. However, again, this creates overlap with another weapon, in this case the Super Shotgun.
  • Option three would be "Flechette Shot" which would replace the regular buckshot with piercing flechettes that would go through multiple enemies. This would make the Shotgun much better at defeating crowds of enemies, especially weak fodder. However, piercing is normally exclusive to the Railgun, so I don't know how others would feel about that.

Now, on to the ideas I've got for new champions: The first comes from Kantai Collection, of all things. The pride of the US Navy, hull designation BB-61, USS Iowa. Her character sprite would depict her as a tall, well-endowed, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman wearing the default outfit of KanColle's Iowa. She would hold a Browning M1918 BAR in her hands, and would have a Winchester trench shotgun slung onto her back and a leather holster with an M1911A1 sidearm on one hip. She would have a normal maximum Health of 125 and normal maximum Armor of 175. Her abilities would be as follows:
  • Passive 1 would be "All-or-Nothing Armor", a reference to the real life Iowa's armor layout. It would make it where as long as Iowa has Armor, all normal damage she takes goes purely into it; however, anything that would go through her Armor - either from it being destroyed or from special abilities that bypass Armor - would damage her Health with +20% effectiveness(that extra vulnerability might or might not also apply in PvE modes).
  • Passive 2 would be "Radar Screen", based on the real life Iowa's extensive sensor suites. It would provide a similar utility to Eradicator's "Scanner" Active Ability, showing enemy locations relative to Iowa's position; it would also show relative altitude by enlarging and brightening or shrinking and dimming the icons shown on the Radar. However, it would be restricted to solely things within direct line of sight: if it's blocked by map terrain, it won't be shown on Iowa's Radar.
  • Active Ability would be "Battleship Barrage": Iowa unleashes HELL with her naval artillery, showering the area near her crosshair with a deluge of 5-inch secondary shells and a single 16-inch primary shot. Comes with NINE charges, one for each of Iowa's primary cannons. Cooldown time would be extremely long, owing to the Ability's massive damage potential, even longer in PvE due to the likelihood of wiping huge swathes of enemies with this attack.

The second idea I've got for a new champion comes from the fact that I got Metal Wolf Chaos XD on Steam this last Christmas. That's right, it's the 47th President of the Great United States of America, Michael Wilson. However, due to the relative size of the "Metal Wolf" Mobile Armor, I think it would work better if Michael was depicted wearing a more Iron Man-style suit with design features and colors taken from the default skin from Metal Wolf Chaos. This would include two large, red backpacks full of guns attached to the shoulders of the suit. He would have the same maximum Armor and Health as Iowa, at 125 Health and 175 Armor. Abilities would be as follows:
  • Passive 1 would be "Shield Pods", granting Wilson limited Armor regeneration similar to BJ Blazkowicz's "Blitz" Passive: Every time Wilson's Armor exceeds a multiple of 25, it will quickly regenerate up to the next multiple of 25. This regeneration will be delayed if he takes damage while waiting for the regen.
  • Passive 2 will tie in with his Active Ability, which I'll get to shortly; anyway, it's called "Blaze Charge", and it just means that every kill Wilson gets reduces the cooldown on his Active Ability.
  • Active Ability is "Blaze Attack". You remember those backpacks attached to Michael's suit I mentioned? They fold out and reveal one of EVERY common, shared ranged weapon in the mod(minus the BFG), and they all start firing everything they have for a few seconds. That means that you're going to get bombarded by Heavy Machinegun and Super Nailgun fire, Shotgun and Super Shotgun blasts, Tribolt and Rocket Launcher projectiles, and the directed energy assault of the Lightning Gun and Railgun. Oh, and Michael's invulnerable and has infinite ammo for the duration of the ability. Thankfully, it is brief; but surviving it pretty much requires being under an Invincibility powerup if you get locked onto by the player controlling Michael.

So, anyone have thoughts on these ideas?

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:24 am
by [v_nash] Chillrend
Damn cool mod. Once my friends took me there, and now you can't drag me out! It's really fun to play both alone and with friends, so I want to express my gratitude to the creators of the mod for their efforts, and at the same time share something with the community. No one's against it, right? It's a little bit of fanart on the basis of funny situations that happened to me during the game in QCDE with two of my friends.

"Jumper case" (Map: QCDE33 - Silence) - My friend and I were on the same jumper at the same time. Usually this kind of thing ends badly, but this case is characterized by the fact that we were on top of each other. My friend is Doomslayer on top, and I am Sorgaul on the bottom, don't understanding why I can't jump. And for my friend it seems to have been a surprise. It seems that at that moment we did not notice each other or noticed too late, and in the end we were blown up by a third friend with a rocketlauncher. Perhaps the moral of the story is that it's better not to end up on a jumper with someone else. Although sometimes it happens completely by accident.

"Familyfriendly BFG" (Map: QCDL01 - Bad place) - I jump on the shelf with the rocketlauncher to get it, and suddenly my friend jumps with me. My friend is pinning me in a corner, and even more - in three walls, and he becomes the fourth wall and is close to me. Standing in front of me, my friend uses the ability of his champion and shoots with BFG literally in my face, but it does almost no damage to me, and in the end my friend is shot by me with a supershotgun. We called this case "familyfriendly BFG" and came up with the idea for this drawing.

P.S. You may have noticed that Sorgaul doesn't look quite like she does ingame. It's not a mistake, I did it on purpose. You can consider it a stylistic decision. I hope, despite this, the character is recognizable, because I still tried to convey the main features. Both originals (full size, high quality):

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:40 pm
by Colerx
This mod is amazing!!!!

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:44 pm
by JohnnyTheWolf
I cannot believe I forgot this mod even existed. By which I mean it is so freaking cool! :D

I do experience a minor issue when playin as Lo Wang: no matter how many times I try, I just cannot get Peacock's Blessing to work. :?

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:29 am
by fart_knight
I love the hell out of this mod! I always want to play more, but there are so few servers out there. I'm using zandronum/doomseeker, and there are only 2-3 out there that may randomly appear from time to time and/or have actual humans playing it (most of the time, it's bots). Is zandronum/doomseeker the best way? Anyone have any other suggestions?

Anyway, I hope the developer continues to update it. It really is one of a kind. Thanks if you're reading this, DBThanatos!

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:42 pm
by SiFi270
I found a bug with the Heretic monster pack. Disciples (I have a feeling it's just the ones summoned by D'sparil, but I'm not sure) still have a chance of dropping claw orbs or Tomes of Power.

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:38 pm
by Mr.Rocket
I recently released a remake of a Quake1 DM level for Doom2 called The Dark Zone:
shot2.png ... sp=sharing

If you remember it in the original Quake game?
I uploaded it to DW about a month ago but I figured I'd send it your way, if you'd like to put it in QC:DE.
Otherwise I'll just release it as a single DM level.


Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:39 pm
by 64palm
turn on rogue mode and its more challenging with crazy enemy and i really love this

btw this is best mod after D4T

Re: QC:DE v2.7 is out! (With 100% more Dusk Dude)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2021 1:50 am
by roundtree
Hello DBThanatos,

QC:DE is one of my favorite gameplay mods for zdoom. QC:DE has my absolute FAVORITE teleport effects ever made. I run a youtube channel where I demo Doom mods and sometimes show how to set things up. A couple months ago, I posted a question here asking how it would be possible to create a teleport mod. This nice guy gave me instructions to create a teleport mod out of QC:DE. I have done so for my own purposes, but I will never upload this file to any website ever. You have my word.

I'm posting here to ask you if you would mind if I made a video showing how to create a teleport mod out of QC:DE. I'm asking because I would understand if you said no. The teleport mod has files that are from the QC:DE mod, and I respect that as being your property. I wanted to ask someone directly involved with this project for permission. I personally wanted a standalone mod for teleporting, because I love to be able to change the teleport effects on any gameplay mod that I want. Anyway, regardless of your answer, thank you for making QC:DE (and everyone involved)! It's awesome!