[WIP][Horror] Divine Frequency (Demo Updated)

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Re: [WIP][Horror] Divine Frequency (Demo Updated)

Postby m1lk » Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:26 am

awesome, thanks for the update. ill play through this again on my free time. and honestly, i think you should just go ahead and incorporate that immersive camera mod into this.
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Re: [WIP][Horror] Divine Frequency (Demo Updated)

Postby AschTheConjurer » Wed Jan 26, 2022 7:30 pm

I've just come back to this mod after having played the original Demo, where I defeated War's Anatomy before probably getting distracted by something else. The changes I'm seeing from last time are all pretty good, and I dig the aesthetic and atmosphere in general. The only game that's ever freaked me out is Darkwood, to the point of making me anxious of continuing to play when I first went through the game after full release, but Divine Frequency's getting to about that same tier.

Now a criticism, spoilered for the sake of any casual observers reading this thread:


Altogether I think Divine Frequency is pretty fantastic and I'll be very keen to see what comes beyond The Crossroads level once I finally find time to complete it in a way I find satisfactory (and once more maps come out, if that's where the Demo ends). It's very satisfying to play a game that has a good feeling of pacing, where lots of quiet dread moments and small encounters culminate in big bombastic high-tension fights. The visuals and sound and mechanics are almost all great, I think it really just needs the getting-locked-out-of-areas problem to be handled differently.

EDIT: Turns out one of the areas I was talking about in the spoiler does in fact allow you to return after being locked out, thanks to dream-logic not-physically-connected doorways.
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