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Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 26 March 2018]

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 7:13 am
by Captain J
Recently played this game to the end. It was fun, clever and gave me the chill that every contents in this game are definitely familiar. Fun stuff! I guess fandom got worse and worse nowadays, hmm? Hope nobody gets upset about this TC. I mean, it's just fun and oooobviously innocent! :P

So, is this TC being updated? Because i found some awkward things during gameplay;
And that's about it. And i heard that you're working on its sequel as well. Really can't wait!

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 26 March 2018]

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 12:26 pm
by SanyaWaffles
I'm gonna address some of the more serious glitches here shortly.
- The Discourse skill warp sends you back to hard warp area. I thought it's okay to walk onto hard warp, but nope. Enemy's behavior had no difference, as far as my experience goes. Is Discourse Warp actually works? Or should i do something more to enter?
It does do a few things differently. Aggression is maxed out, cheats are disabled, that sort of thing. I guess I could make monsters faster but some people did report Discourse being very difficult... especially with some game breaking bugs I didn't know of until some people played through it.
- Speaking of Blood puff, it's barely visible and small to see. Definitely hard to tell if my shot actually hit the enemy unless they goes pain state.
I'll see about making the blood puff bigger. I'm gonna try scaling it up a bit and maybe ditching, if it has any, transparency. I know blood is somewhat hard-coded.
- Minor Gripe, but can we have usefail sound effect? I have no clue when i'm touching doors, switches and walls because there's no sound. Yes, i like finding secrets and explore more!
I'll see what I can do. Would a generic 'thud' do?

The map glitches you mentioned are gonna be fixed. I'll also see if I can un-nerf the Minigun with jill pepper.

As for the big ones...
- Troll Blood weapon seems very ineffective against stronger enemies. But can it at least have fine damage to them instead?
If only morph projectiles could do damage as well as do their morphing. I'm gonna look into buffing the TBD's other two methods to compensate (and add expanding effects for the bigger enemies too)
- Trollsona enemy's projectile doesn't effect me anything. Is her attack suppose to make me a grub or something?
She's supposed to, yes! I dunno what caused that regression. The Jack and Jill pepper is supposed to allow you to revert and become immune to her shots (think like Steroids in Duke 3D) but not permamentally. I wonder if osmething is going on since I converted the code to ZScript.
- Jack-n-Jill Pepper makes you never crouch until it's all worn out. So you're temporarily stuck when you're using this in the vent or something.
now this is a new one on me. I've not noticed that problem.

I'll look into these. I'm gonna ask my colleagues if they can go over my code too.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 28 May 2018]

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 1:35 pm
by SanyaWaffles
Okay I've addressed most of these and am pushing out another beta. Gonna do some searching for a suitable sound for use failing

Bugs fixed:
  • MAP01, MAPB1 and MAP06 texture placement issues
  • Scaled Blood Puff to make it bigger
  • Buffed TBD expander and webber modes
  • Fixed issues with Jack and Jill pepper crouch mode
  • Fixed issues with Trollsona's projectile not working in some cases
  • Nerfed pistol
  • Buffed minigun with Jack and Jill pepper
  • Fixed imbalance with RIP sound obituary subsystem [backported from DD2 development]
Standalone IPK3

WIGZDoom 64-bit Bundle

NOTE: Antivirus might flag custom GZDoom builds as viruses. I assure you mine is safe. If in doubt, use dev builds, enable mouselook and download the IPK3.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 6 June 2018]

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:32 pm
by SanyaWaffles
Another bugfix, this time re-instating the player's dynamic light when a weapon is being fired and a usefail sound has been added.

Standalone IPK3

Latest WIGZDoom 64-bit build + IPK3

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 6 June 2018]

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:24 pm
by Captain J
☆ Excellent update! ★

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 12 June 2018]

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:48 am
by SanyaWaffles
Important Update!

As the game is now in a state of being, outside the music, in a stable beta, I'm gonna not be doing announcements unless someone reports a massive bug. However, this doesn't mean development is done. ... ?dl=0&lst=

This is the Dropbox repo which contains the latest IPK3 and the latest WIGZDoom 64-bit bundled build. The IPK3 will always be the most current version. I have also configured the batch script so it will output a more readable to most people date (month-day-year) for the bundled versions.

I have updated the original post to reflect where you can get the new downloads.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 24 June 2018]

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:23 pm
by SanyaWaffles
Another update:

I have refactored even more from ACS into ZScript, leaving only some rudimentary functions and the cutscene functions in the ACS libraries. The following updates are as follows:
  • Intermission is not an ACS loop, but a ZScript status screen. Backported and extended from DD2's development
  • RIP Sound Obituary replaced with version from Daytime Drama 2
  • Integrated with the RIP Sound Obituary is the notice on how to restart the game from latest save. It's no longer in ACS either
  • Cleaned up maps to use standard Exit_* Action Specials as opposed to the ACS script that deals with it
  • Fixed a bug in SECRET01
  • Deleted some unused code bits
Downloads can be found at the usual dropbox location.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 24 June 2018]

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:43 am
by Mere_Duke
Tried to launch latest bugfix version with GZDoom 341
The problem is here:

Code: Select all

Intermission DD1Cast
Script error, "ddrama.ipk3:mapinfo.txt" line 146:
Expected '{' but got '=' instead.

PS I should say that latest devbuild (gzdoom-g3.5pre-97-g5d27c16f3.7z Jun 30 2018 03:38:01) does not recognize such syntax as well.

PPS Many thanks for the mod! I didn't expect cartoon-ish mod could be so cool to play. After this one, I started to enjoy mods like "Shadow of the Wool Ball" or "Adventures of Square".

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 30 June 2018]

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:59 pm
by SanyaWaffles
Pushing a fix out now for this. Thanks for catching it.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 27 August 2018]

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:14 pm
by SanyaWaffles
My composer has put out the unedited, full soundtrack for Daytime Drama on his Bandcamp. ... soundtrack

I'm going to be updating Daytime Drama real soon to become the first non-beta version to be released.

Re: Daytime Drama [Updated 27 August 2018]

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:02 pm
by SanyaWaffles
I am happy to announce that Daytime Drama has reached v 1.00!

I made a poster a while back and have decided to use it in the v 1.00 release.


I also have found a way to distribute it without using a special executable on Windows 64-bit.

VERSION 1.00 (Bundled with GZDoom 3.6pre Git Modern Version)

Standalone IPK3, gzdoom.ini with some setting changed, and readme.txt

Thanks for everyone's help in beta-testing this and giving great feedback.

Re: Daytime Drama [VERSION 1.00 FINALLY HERE]

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:57 am
by Csonicgo
Oh God, it's one massive shitpost. I love it. This is wild.

Re: Daytime Drama [VERSION 1.00 FINALLY HERE]

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:04 pm
by Mere_Duke
First of all, a big thankyou for the mod! It's very cool despite a little too short for my opinion. But there will be DD2 so it's okay :)
Now some bugs/errors I've found:
1) The food is clipping through the fridge
2) Texture misalignment after the wall lowered
3) HOM
4) Texture misalignment before the wall lowered
5) HOM
6) This window is passable through but can't be destroyed (tbh there are more such windows like those on the secret map with a tree)
(For every map image, the player is in the center of it.)
Sorry, I forgot that map name isn't showing up with TAB; if it needs clarification, with some efforts I can tell exact mapnames of every screenshot, but I hope you remember those maps pretty well.

Also there is a huge textures misalignment on the outer side of the wall of the building on the secret map with the Christmas tree.

Played with the 4 (secret) difficulty and found out that ammo is a plenty. But for the firts 2 maps ammo was really scarce. Dunno if it was intended. (But I've found many secrets, like 90% through the game.)

Another thanks for the mod, and gl with the sequel that will (I hope) come up soon.

P.S. I missed the second secret map :( I played the only one with the Christmas tree. Where is the exit to the second one, could you tell me please?
P.P.S. I thought Sanya is male :D Because in Russian, Sanya is a shortening for Alexader name.

Re: Daytime Drama [VERSION 1.00 FINALLY HERE]

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:17 pm
by Mere_Duke
Forgot to say, the ending sequence (where all enemies show their sprite animations) was like a big HOM for me. But if I load ipk3 as pwad with doom2.wad, everything is ok.
Despairium Rifle heals the final boss. Dunno if it was intentional.

Re: Daytime Drama [VERSION 1.00 FINALLY HERE]

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:26 pm
by SanyaWaffles
One of the HOMs you found leads to a secret, so I left it intact. And one of the wall textures is meant to be misaligned, meant to kind of be a tell that there's an ambush there. However, I did fix most of the things you reported.

The Despairium Rifle indeed heals the final boss. That's an intentional gimmick.

I have uploaded v1.01 which fixes these graphical glitches as well as the windows not shattering properly. ...