Memoirs of Magic: Full Game is Now Avaliable!

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Re: Memoirs of Magic: Full Game is Now Avaliable!

Postby Tesculpture » Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:55 am

Admittedly, I am still on my first playthrough and have only got as far as the entry to the Forbidden Mine boss room, but even so, I don't understand what everyone is complaining about.

Yes, even the weakest of the monsters is a threat that will punish you severely for underestimating them, but at no point have I encountered a fight where I didn't have everything I needed to achieve victory (assuming of course I wasn't blatantly entering an area I was underleveled for).

That said, I agree that the octopunks were not fun to fight. All the other monsters thus far, even the flying kamikaze bombs in the Mines, were challenging but satisfying to defeat - the Octopunks not so. It's not that I couldn't defeat them - once you've upgraded your stats/weapons, and stockpiled the health potions needed to tank their attacks, they are perfectly doable - they just aren't fun. On a separate note, the Octopunks in the Realm Of Magic forest area are positioned on swimable water...but when they fall into the water after attacking, they just disappear instead of sinking below the surface.

I also feel the game could be a better sign-posted. I mean there ARE signposts in the game, but occasionally I would get stuck wandering in circle wondering what to do and where to go. You can only access the shop/fast travel network once you have visited at least one of the other villages, but if you enter the Magic Emporium Hub at the very start of the game, there's nothing to explain that, leaving me wondering why there's just a random room full of books without even an NPC to talk to. While the fights are fair AS LONG as you aren't underleveled for an area, there's nothing beyond the King's opening suggestion to stop you from wandering the Realm Of Magic and ending up in an area you are underleveled for. And after I defeated the Temple Boss and got the first Elemental Heart, I was lost as to what to do next for a long time before it finally occurred to me to go back and talk to the King again. A Strife like quest log that kept track of where you should be going/what you should be doing would go a long way.

As for stuff I like...

-The art style is utterly gorgeous, and the 3D characters/bosses are astoundingly well made/animated. This mod more than any other made me almost forget I was playing on the Doom engine.

-The part of the Arctic Mountain where you get to kick some snowballs down a hill and watch as they take out a massive horde of foes. I've always been a sucker for enviro-kills, and this was immensely satisfying.
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