[slow WIP] Shadows of Apocalypse - BETA public DEMO

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Re: [slow WIP] Shadows of Apocalypse - BETA public DEMO

Postby BoJustBo » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:17 am

Ah you're correct. Since I've never played a Strife mod before I hadn't even noticed that GZDOOM wasn't finding the strife wad. Thanks for the help.

The mod looks fantastic, I've never played a "doom" mod with so much voxel art before. The world feels quite cohesive despite using assets from so many places. The only thing that felt a little odd was stores with plenty of stuff on the shelves and working computers in bombed out buildings.
I will say though that it is quite easy, unless you are up against multiple shotgunners with only melee you never feel in danger (I've not played for that long so maybe that changes later, but I did play on survival difficulty.) The starting weapon is more than enough to take care of everything and if you just look around in the starting town you'll have plenty of ammo.
Another thing that bugged me a bit is enemies that drop multiple credit sticks. Since you have to be very precise to pick up objects you get to hear about 10-15 "Nope" while trying to pick them all up from the ground.
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