Forward Objective

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Re: Forward Objective

Postby LilWhiteMouse » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:30 am
Nested the command icons:
Game menus:
Top Menu - 3d Map, Strider Upgrades, Ship Systems, Operations
Operations Menu - Request Guppy, Request LCAC, Request Missile Strike, Return to Top Menu
Ship Systems Menu - Repair Hull, Repair Phalanx, Enable Missile battery, Return to Top Menu
Strider Upgrades Menu - Upgrade Targeting computer, Upgrade Ablative armor, Upgrade Weapon systems, Return to Top Menu

Request Missile Strike - Calls down a missile strike at the cursor location. Target area must be within sensor range of a Strider. An icon appears next to the missile status display indicating if within range or not.
Request LCAC - Deploys a Strider via a LCAC to the nearest beach. Only two LCACs can be deployed at a time. Deployed striders are automatically assigned to the current control group. NOTE - There's a slight hiccup in the ACS. If an LCAC has just deployed a strider, and there is still one ready pilot, attempting to deploy another LCAC will incorrectly report that the strider compliment is full. You need to wait until the LCAC has been recovered before you can deploy the remaining strider.
Request Guppy - Deploys a Guppy ferry to drop a refit container at the cursor location. Container will partially repair and apply any new upgrades to the first strider to approach it.

Enable Missile battery - The Ponopolus' missile batteries can be expanded to allow for more missile strikes. NOTE - Missile batteries can only be expanded when new munitions are salvaged from Munitions Depots.
Repair Phalanx - Repairs a single phalanx array.
Repair Hull - Makes repairs on the Ponopolus hull.

Upgrade Weapon Systems - This will upgrade the strider bay to equip better/more weapons on striders.
Upgrade Ablative Armor - This increases the strider's ablative armor, allowing it to take more damage.
Upgrade Targeting Computer - Upgrades the strider's computer to prioritize hostile targets at close range.
NOTE - Strider upgrades are obtained by destroying Armories. Upgrade levels are currently not shown. When an upgrade is available it will be indicated under the action meter.

3d Map - Shows a 3d representation of the island. Movement keys (FORWARD/BACKWARD, STRAFE LEFT/RIGHT), and view controls can change the position/view of the map. When exiting the map, the cursor is moved to where it is in the 3dmap. The map takes a few tics to load, unavoidable to prevent runaway script errors.
Blue marker - Current location
Green marker - Strider
Red marker - Hostile target

Game controls:
FIRE - Select unit under cursor, otherwise deselects current unit. When selecting a unit, the control group automatically changes to that of the selected unit.
ALTFIRE - Move selected unit/group to cursor location. If a unit is selected, orders only that unit. Otherwise orders all units of selected control group. The white group commands all striders.
USE - Add selected unit to currently selected control group.
JUMP - Cycles through all striders.
SELECT NEXT/PREVIOUS INVENTORY - Cycles through the command icons.
USE INVENTORY - Activates the current command icon.

Destroy the enemies' bases and defenses to gain access to the island capital. Move a strider to the capital building to liberate the island.
Striders auto target the nearest hostile.
When a strider is destroyed, the pilot ejects. It takes a little time for a pilot to recover before they can be deployed again.
Striders have jump jets that allow them to traverse some heights. To use jump jets simply set the strider's waypoint to a spot next to the cliff. If a strider won't jump, the height is too much. If a strider can't complete the jump, the strider will be returned to the spot it started from.
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby LilWhiteMouse » Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:32 pm As always, drag 'n drop on GZDoom to play.
Final boss is in, but the level doesn't end when it's defeated as I have no idea how I want to handle it.

For those that just want to play it, "pukename cheatscript" from the console will max out your upgrades and let you play the final island.
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby DoomRater » Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:01 pm

I'd handle that with some sort of victory display, any stats that you've been tracking throughout the playthrough like damage taken, number of units deployed, units destroyed, etc...
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby grouchbag » Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:39 am

Looking very nice so far.
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby LilWhiteMouse » Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:37 pm
It's crude, but an ending is in and (more importantly) works. The boss is now actually "destroyed", and you get a game complete screen.

I've done all I set out to do with this project (less a few minor additions). That said, I miss Power DoLLS, so I'm hoping to integrate some features into the project in the future.

[EDIT] The final island is after you've unlocked everything (6 missiles, 6 pilots, lvl 3 weapons, lvl 3 armor, lvl 1 comp).
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby Gez » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:30 pm

Since you use inventory items for the menu, you could use the "tag" property to give them nice names that will be displayed when choosing them if the "display nametag" option is on.
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Re: Forward Objective

Postby LilWhiteMouse » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:33 pm

Gez wrote:you could use the "tag" property to give them nice names

I actually meant to, but never got around to it. Especially since I think I'm the one who proposed the feature in the first place for Chibi Rebellion.
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