Wolfenstein 3DGE (version 1.1 now available)

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Re: Wolfenstein 3DGE

Post by VGA »

I fully played through this mod a few years ago. I think it is the best and most fun way to experience Wolf3D from start to finish. It has all the episodes, too! :wub:
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Re: Wolfenstein 3DGE (new videos p.11)

Post by CeeJay »

The list of changes for the upcoming version keeps growing.

Here's what to expect:
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Re: Wolfenstein 3DGE (new videos p.11)

Post by CeeJay »

Version 1.1 now available for download 8-)

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Re: Wolfenstein 3DGE (version 1.1 now available)

Post by brick »

I recently found this, and was super happy about it. I played Wolf3D and SoD a lot when I was young, but I never played Second Encounter, and it seems ports of this one are quite rare (especially of the Jaguar version). I saw a couple of pages back that there were mentions of stand-alone patches to make things more in line with the Mac and Jaguar versions, but I can't for the life of me find downloads for these patches, either here or on the ModDB link. Am I being really stupid or are these patches not publicly available?

On a perhaps related note, I noticed some differences between descriptions of how Second Encounter works, and how things actually work in WolfEdge. Treasure is supposed to work like health potions in Doom, but here only gives Points. The One-Up is supposed to work like a Soulsphere but gives ammo instead. Are these deliberate deviations, changes that are supposed to be made by the patches that I can't find, or did I simply misunderstand how Jaguar Wolf3D works?

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