Hocusdoom BETA (new version 01-26-19)

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Re: Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

Postby ravage » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:11 pm

Current playable version for 01-26-19
https://www.dropbox.com/s/qp9nco8upbp6h ... 9.pk3?dl=0
Ogg versions of music (updated)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4wlfocvkewtm ... g.pk3?dl=1

changelog for - 01-26-2019
  • few minor fixes in levels
  • fixed stray pixel on Terrexin sprite
  • fixed stray pixel on magic crystal sprite
  • fixed ceiling portal in map15
  • fixed a bug where dormant bosses still blocked shots. apparently it matters when you declare the Monster combo.
  • fixed several more ceiling portals and added one to map25
  • removed a crystal entirely on map25. I spent way too many times completely passing it by, as I'm sure did everyone else.
  • more various missing textures fixed, and maps touched up.
  • easter egg treasure no longer counts to total treasure
  • weapon powerups no longer give score
  • added a jump pad in map34. I don't like inescapable pits.
  • altered powered up launcher for jazz secret
  • expanded boss arena on map40 and prevented boss from getting suck on the sign
  • fixed various issues with ULTRA difficulty, hopefully.
  • raised a power bomb off of the slime in map14 so that you can get it without taking damage.
  • added laser barriers for the trolodon fight so you can't go back down until the next phase. This solves the issue of trolodon not targetting you through a portal, and gives the fight a little more urgency.
  • spiders jump now. experience fear.
  • remade treasure room in map39
  • testing autofire for your main weapon. its slower than clicking (even at level 1 power), but I've had a lot of people ask for it over the years.
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Re: Hocusdoom BETA (new version 01-26-19)

Postby Gez » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:48 pm

One of the enemies is misspelled: it's phara-oh, not pharo-ah. This also affects their obituary string.

The laser barriers in episode 4 are a performance hog. The way each of them calls A_Explode every tic overtaxes the engine with a lot of extraneous computations.
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