Catacombs (Halloween wad)

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Catacombs (Halloween wad)

Postby Angel-Neko_X » Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:03 pm

Hello, there, I would present you one my master piece done for halloween.
This is "The catacombs"

The plot:
You're in the undergrounds full of the weeping angels (from DR.WHO), the goal is to find the boss and kill him.

Screens :

Video :

Download : ... acombs.rar

Happy fucking halloween!
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Re: Catacombs (Halloween wad)

Postby Caleb13 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:50 pm

Ah yes, statues that move when you are not looking. I didn't know it appeared in Doctor Who, I first read about it when it was included in some dark fan-made game (I forgot its name). In fact, the statue in that game moved so fast that even blinking a few times could get you killed.

I like the concept of your mod, it was surprisingly creepy playing it, at least for me (the screeching sound when the statues get you from behind is chilling). But there are some definite downsides to it:

1. The underwater maze is really annoying, mainly because you included only one radiation suit. Without it, it is almost impossible to traverse (let alone explore) it without losing some health or drowning (and yes, I found the secret passage).

2. I blasted the boss statue with plasma gun for at least 3 minutes, but it didn't die (I played at UV difficulty). So in the end, I used IDFA cheat and killed it with that grenade launcher (it is not available at UV). Is the boss even killable with plasma?

3. I don't understand why you included those (rather lame) alternative weapons and why you shuffled their numbers. Moreover, the weapon behavior is sometimes nonsensical - the pistol can destroy a statue in 3 shots, but the plasma gun takes 15+ shots and machine gun some 40+ shots? Really?

4. The statues move when the player's vision is partially obstructed by some other sprite (typically by firesticks in the corridors). Seeing them move breaks the atmosphere somewhat, though I doubt anything could be done about it.

Anyway, if you iron these issues out somehow, it may become a really interesting mod in the end!
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