*Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

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*Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby [DMG]Heretic » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:25 am

I have removed PSX SFX & kept every Enemy/ weapon to Doom's original SFX & also re-coloured the Archvile to a Dark Version & The Revenant has been replaced with a more stronger/taller Dark Imp. Please let me know what you think of the mod. Plus there are some other goodies to go along with the mod which I forgot to mention before like Perk's smooth animations. Only the rocket launcher has the Doom 64 firing sound which matches what the weapon sprite looks like. :D
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Re: *Enemy Replacement Mod*

Postby Abba Zabba » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:34 am

You need to put up some screenshots man
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Re: *Enemy Replacement Mod*

Postby Matt » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:52 am

to be fair the entire download link is up

but i'm too lazy and tired to bother clicking on the NoScript button to allow Rapidshare to load
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby TheUnbeholden » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:39 am

Been testing out a modified version of Heretic's mod, seeing what dark creatures I can find, make the mod more difficult and more interesting, without ruining vanilla feel theres a optional addon for some Nightmare monsters (wraiths, vore, aguares, archon of hell, hells fury, shadowville, darkdevil and ghosts) and variety of zombies.

Dark Doom Creatures + Nightmare addon is what I'll be calling it.
http://www.moddb.com/groups/doomdb/addo ... -doom-v112

b1: Soon there's going to be Gothic Chapter mod by Hexen Star (which replaces environments with darker ones, as well as the weapons), so in anticipation the arbitrary changes to the weapons in this mod has been removed.

b20-23: The monsters are more dangerous, move faster, faster projectiles, homing projectiles for the Death Imp, Imp's attack more often, complete sound revamp, Baron of Hell and Archville are taller and enemy melee attacks do more damage. I've now included a separate addon for more variety in Lost Souls & Pain Elementals with a Dark theme and made the bosses, Spectres, Mancubus and Death Imps more challenging.

b23: and there is now a variety of zombies in the optional addon.

b24 + addon v1.31: Baron of Hell and Fusion spider have faster moving projectiles, Baron has the hellknights green projectiles (only HellsFury has the red one). Added Nightmare creatures in the optional addon, a zombiePLUS addon (8 new zombies) and provided ways to disable various optional creatures or to replace zombies with the Swarm.

addon v1.32: Hell's Fury is challenging, Incarnate is now a rare Mancubus spawn (But is still a ghost species).
addon v1.32a: Ghosts and Zpecops should be spawning now, Dark Devil is more aggressive, Nightmares don't infight with their own species (like ghosts, viles and royals).
Edit- addon v1.32b: RepeaterZombie, PlasmaZombie, PistolZombie, FreezeRifleGuy and Beamguy are now spawning (total of 17 zombies non-vanilla zombies).

(closed testing) b25: Various optional powerups and environmental object spawns. Mancubus fires exploding gas. The Imps don't infight. The addon will have a mini-bosses mutator (small chance to spawn very rare but challenging enemies like ImpQueen, Nogistune (ghost mini-boss), and Shadow Beast).

Haven't gotten around to doing screens, probably will end up doing all that in the next few days.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby -Ghost- » Wed Nov 12, 2014 2:03 pm

Pretty cool, I like the darker variants of the monsters. It feels kind of hard to fight them with vanilla weapons, though. I was barely getting through E2M1 because some of those new zombies just fire nonstop and absorb a couple shotgun shots. Maybe make them fire in bursts, rather than full auto until you get out of their LOS?
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby TheUnbeholden » Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 am

http://www.moddb.com/groups/doomdb/addo ... -doom-v112

addon v32d:
* Sound issues fixed with torturedelemental, deathincarnate and devastator zombie.
* ChaingunMajor should now be spawning as usual.
* DeathIncarnate now has 3 different attacks, beside spawning GhostlyAgaures and its normal hitscan attack, it fires out homing spectre ghosts (I'm thinking of giving him the ability to spawn beasts which are like fast moving melee-only enemies like the darkdemon).
* Set Green blood for Poisonsoul, Drownedsoul has its own active sound and a fast projectile (has no spawn though), burning soul has different attack sounds, faster moving projectile and a noticeably different active sound (still don't know what its point is).
* Agaures have a deathbreath sound, move faster and have a faster moving projectile.
* Ghosts don't bleed, they are also special in not just their stats (like taking being tougher compared to other species, some can fly, some are hard to see, some have homing projectiles) in that they can see invisible players perfectly well and seekermissiles won't follow them (so they can fight DeathImps & Vores with ease),
* Nightshade attacks are more difficult to dodge,
* Shade can duplicate itself but not infinitely instead his copies die off on their own, have no pain sound, do no damage, are easier to kill and have a noticably different death sound,
* Ghostly Agaures are tougher but slower and are invisible except when they feel like killing you but I still haven't given them a spawn (except DeathIncarnate occasionally spawns them).
* Spectre Elementals should be easier to fight against and have slightly less health.
* The Zspecops have less health than autoshotgunguy & quadshotgunzombie but more health than the lower tier zombies but they move faster than any other zombie, ZspecOps shotgunner does less damage, more inline with the regular shotgunguy and slightly upped chance to spawn, Zspecops machinegunner fires in burst shots and when he flees he fires progressively less accurately, the Zspecops railgunner has a more eye catching rail beam (Blue, Green rather than White, Blue).
* RocketZombie replaced with creepier more distinct sprites.

b24a: Zombie Marines fire one bullet at a time now and sometimes a burst fire (not 4 bullets at once), Imps don't infight eachother, Royals and HellsFury don't infight, Barons have slightly faster projectiles. Minor sound issue fixed.

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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby Skrell » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:46 am

What weapon mod is being used in the flic.kr screenshots above?
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby -Ghost- » Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:19 pm

Looks like Weapons of Saturn, I think.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby Hoodlook » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:30 pm

Bro, the link doesn't even work.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby TheUnbeholden » Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:09 pm

b25: DarkPainElemental has a blackbile melee attack that weakens you (doubles the damage you take) for 30 seconds and does fairly high damage and poisonous. Arachnotron fires slower now but he is still very deadly up close. Baron and HellKnight have melee sounds. Mancubus has exploding poisonous gas as his attack.

addon v33:
* ArchonofHell, DeathIncarnate and Agaures have deadly melee attacks.
Vore is slightly faster.
* Incarnate no longer has the boring and cheaphitscan, instead fires out pure darkness and the more you hurt him without killing him the more powerful he gets when he transforms into DeathIncarnate, his summons get more deadly and his attacks more devastating, his body more ethereal causing him to reflect projectiles and has more health.
* ShadowBeast added, it and the ArchonofHell, Shadowvile & DeathIncarnate are mini-bosses now, and can be de-activated via the NOmini-boss mutator.
* Zspecops machinegunner no longer fires anywhere near as accurately when sniping and does slightly less damage, the ZpsecOpsRailgunner no longer flees faster than other Zspecops.
* DarkPainElemental is now spawning with the addon.

edit- 25a & addon 33a:
* GasMancubus is immune to poison, but fire is more damaging to him since hes flammable.
* DarkPainElemental should be attacking at a slower rate now, but he moves slightly faster.
* DarkSpiderDemon has his own attack sounds and projectiles.
* DarkDemons, Wraiths and NightmareDemons (spectres) don't infight with ShadowBeast.
* Scimitar swing and hit sounds separated.
* Made sure Aracnorb and Caco's get along with eachother.

addon 33b:
* Incarnate has a lower chance to resurrect in his normal state.
* Shadowbeast spawns should be working correctly, and he moves at his fast speed after losing 200hp rather than 400.
* RepeaterZombie drops cells.

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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby Valherran » Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:49 am

So I finally got around to messing with this. It was an OK mod for the most part, some of the enemies were kind of OP if you were unlucky to find more than 1 in one spot. Some others were totally ridiculous at long range. That's about it.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby RastaManGames » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:15 pm

I need some cool weapon mod for this addon (for good balance).
Someone please help me with choosing one?
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby -Ghost- » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:24 pm

Weapons of Saturn, Neocore and Project MSX, all work pretty well with this. Just make sure you load the Dark Doom wads after it so it overrides any monster changes they might have.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby RastaManGames » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:33 pm

Thank you for reply!
Also i tested DarkDoom with Pan's Weapons MOD and this work fine too! :roll:

Maybe Author of DarkDoom can make list of comfortable weapon mods? I mean this cloud to be nice.
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Re: *Dark Doom Enemy Replacement Mod For ZDoom*

Postby TheUnbeholden » Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:39 am

Should be going up soon.
http://www.moddb.com/groups/doomdb/addo ... -doom-v112

b26 & addon v34:
* Arachnotron has less health (600 to 460), DarkArchvile (1000 to 800) and DarkCacodemon (400 to 320) as I generally aren't a fan of meatshields apart from Barons & Mancubus.
*Archon of Hell and HellsFury move faster than HellKnight now, since they are taller & therefore take larger steps, with Archon of Hell being faster than the DarkBaron.
* Hellsfury's homing skulls move faster and do more damage, Archon's comets do less damage so you have a chance of surviving 2 and a 50/50 of surviving all 3.
* Hellsfury bleeds dark red and attacks alot more often but he has less health.
* Shotgunguy now has the same attack as ZspecopsShotgunner, also both their attacks fire 5 pellets as opposed to 7 reducing their ranged effectiveness and bringing the damage output to max of ~30 on middle difficulty.
* Quadshotgun zombie singleshot fires less accurately now compared to the shotgunners but does slightly more damage, also now reloads faster than before. Karasawaguy has delay before firing and his projectile moves slightly slower, does less damage and bounces only once (however when he fires offaim, its alot more unpredictable now). * Made AutoSGGuy and QuadShotgunZombie drop 4 shells instead of 2, and sometimes drop a bit extra.
* Dark Devil now has less health than a spirit imp (240 to 170, takes 3 accurate shotgun hits).
* Defiler now is more like his name, spits out slightly poisonous blood and vomits out creatures, has less than half of his original health but moves slightly faster.

General changes: When blood hits the floor it makes a sound. DarkSpiderMastermind pain sounds are working now. BaronofHell has a different pain sound than HellKnight. BurningSoul attack sound is now working. Fixed issues around mancubus spawns when using nightmare addon related mutators.

Added NeoCore compatibility patch, which when used with Neocore and creature replacement mods (like this one), makes NeoCore marines show up instead of zombies (when doing this don't use the zombie related mutators otherwise they will override the changes).

Future versions will be to around adding variety to bosses. I'll probably add more compatibility related things like for wads that add weapons: viewtopic.php?p=813198#p813198


edit- b26a & v32a:
Made the UndeadMarine take longer to fire, and added a delay after his burst fire. Fixed fixed issue with AutoSGGuy/QuadShotgunZombie zombie shotgun shells not showing up with custom mods.

edit- b26a & v32b:
* ZspecopsRailgunner now coolsoff his railgun before firing it so there's a visual and audio cue before firing with a slight delay. Autoshotgunner has a longer delay before firing, but still quite fast compared to other zombies.
* Made ShadowBeast only spawn monsters when hes in your line of sight.
* The Satyr spawns (from the ShadowBeast) can now lunge at you, but they aren't as tough as before (slightly weaker and slower than the Dark Beast, but much more aggressive).

General changes: Simplified keycard/skull sounds so its not incompatible with wads that modify actor key names in lockdefs.

Added compatibility patch for Zero Tolerance marines and added minigunner as a chance to spawn in place of a plasmazombie with that wad (run dark creatures first, then ZT, and lastly the compatibility patch).

edit- b27:
ChaingunMajor has a longer build up to firing (still fires faster than default chaingunguy), fixed lingering deathstate bug with DarkSpiderMastermind, can see Nightmaredemon (Spectres) with Infrared, DarkCacodemon will now lunge at you when it gets close enough.
b27a: Included credits, changed name of compatibility patches to prevent the mutators from overwriting the changes when you drag and drop them.

New thread: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=48949&p=844566
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