[WIP] The Trailblazer

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[WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by DoomNukem »


What the hell is this?

Welcome to Trailblazer, a mod where everything dies from lead poisoning, immolation, or some other, painful and gruesome way, created by people with centuries of experience in over-the-top rediculousness (Pillowblaster: not really, because we have millenias, but we just don’t want to overwhelm you, dear reader!) that oozes with action movies cheesiness, explosions, and witty one-liners! (The last yet to be implemented, but they will along with some fine cigar smoking action). Take control of Malcolm „The Trailblazer” Striker, a former commando of Earth’s bureau of super awesome very special operations, who takes on the apocalypse and hell’s fiery rank in the name of vengeance! An all-time classic reason to blast hellspawn into oblivion, eh? It’s an extremely cheesy mod, after all!

Oh cool, that looks pretty fun. Is it a TC, or another lousy gun mod?

Ahem… yes, it’s a gun mod, and it’s sort of not that lousy. We put a lot of thought into this thing, and we work our asses off every day to add some shiny new assets. For now, it’s a gun mod, as I cover the graphics department, Pillow takes on everything that needs decorate meddling while rigging like a champ and Keks helps us whenever he can do so. We could probably turn it into fully fledged TC... while ive been dabbling in gzdoom builder and ive considered enemies too we don’t want to get overambitious at this point, we create the mod step by step. If we’ll still have motivation to work on it after completing the basis (weapons, items, all the gameplay-related stuff), then maybe we’ll give it a try? Time will tell!

Hmm, that sounds pretty promising. What’s in the store for it?

If I will spoil what we have in plans, then it would be pretty dissapointing if we wouldn’t deliver it later, eh? But okay, we can share the overview, I guess. So far we plan to squeeze out as much as we can from classic and modern shooters, combined with overall mood of post-apocalyptic stuff, with a spice of something that isn’t really sane at all. The arsenal will be pretty big, and we even plan to add upgrade system, or hell, shop!... if everything will go right, as that’s still far from being implemented yet. We’ll see how things will work out for us first.

Possible other ideas include a sweet ass chopper the player can ride (dear god the corridors.)
and a special trailblazer mode but thats another story.

Eitherway, after setting that milestone off to the moon like it was rigged with tons of missiles, we’ll probably get drunk and in fights, but that’s just important celebration part!

Okay, you seem to hold pretty tight. Anything to add from your co-workers?
Pillow: Hey, we are only pawns in the plans of the mastermind, haha. We both agreed to stay shut… not really, I didn’t even mention Keks we have something to say, as I didn’t quite thought we have such right in the first place. Lets just say that we wouldn’t have anything of interest to tell, anyway. Doom laid out everything you need to know. :P
Alright that’ll be enough from you two, back in yer cages.

Wallpaper?, I dunno lol.


once again feel free to provide feedback, suggestions and criticisms!
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Cardboard Marty »

My body is ready. I knew we were in for greatness once you mentioned you partnered up with Pillowblaster. You guys are way too cool and I love what I've seen of this so far!
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Par9000 »

Hm... Weapon pack is near from ropb... But "terminator" version)
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Mav3rick »

look badass all the action and the guns ;)

one little suggestion the dual weapons can be more separate? they seem to be soo close to eatch other that look too weird, almost like they will shot to sides and no infront.

great looking mod and waiting already for a alpha or beta :P
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Abba Zabba »

Now this is a mod I can get into.
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by zrrion the insect »

This looks pretty stellar! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Ghostbreed »

Oh FUCK yes...
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Ctrl+Alt+Destroy »

Wicked sick, I'm digging this stuff!

Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by clonii »

so i signed up and now im supporting this
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Jimmy »

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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Xaser »

Well, now I know what graphics I'm going to blatantly steal for Psychic 2. :P

Though seriously, those shotguns are awesome.
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by wildweasel »

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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by chronoteeth »

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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Pisstepank »

Oh my..
Every weapons seems awesome to use!
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Re: [WIP] The Trailblazer

Post by Big C »

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