The Adventures of Super Chicken and Wondeer!

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The Adventures of Super Chicken and Wondeer!

Postby XutaWoo » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:30 am


Welp! Enough blabbing about it on irc, Super Chicken's ready to be played by the public, finally!
Well, the public beyond the few that were in the irc when I did that beta, but whatever. :P
So, what's this about?

Well, Super Chicken and his sidekick Wondeer were solving crimes one day, when suddenly Wondeer was stolen away by demons!
...That's about it, if you were expecting anything else. :P

Super Chicken's powers include self-gravity manipulation, which allows him to control his falls as well as how far things blast him. Used wisely, these can be very important, especially considering that Super Chicken has a special attack that activates when he hits something at a high enough velocity!
He can also bust open Sonic-styled monitors for powerups, weapons, and, well, powerups. While this means it takes more effort to get them than usual, it also means that, with a ranged attack, you can get them waaay before you're supposed to! And don't worry about enemies stealing them; the monitors are immune to attacks from anything but you!

Weapons are temporary, by the way. They're more like special attacks; they give you a alt-fire which drains ammo, which can only be replenished by getting the same weapon again. Also, you can only have one at a time, and any new ones will get rid of your current one. But don't worry! Even the worst of them is much greater than any of DOOM's weapons. This mod's brokeness is porportional to the amount of weapons placed in the map! :P

tmc if you're still working on that hud i'd love to see it and use it for the normal status bar, as i said
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Re: The Adventures of Super Chicken and Wondeer!

Postby rsl » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:55 pm

I played it on a few standard DOOM 2 levels, and I must admit it's a nice and inventive gameplay modification!

The character stats as they are seem quite well balanced (the chicken is faster than usual and floating, and ahs got a powerful standard melee attack) - plus, the altfire-enabling powerups are quite inventive (i.e. droppable explosive eggs) and hilarious (SFII Ken's helicopter kick, anyone? :D). Having the chicken lose player-coloured feathers when injured was another nice touch!

The only little inconsistency I met was at the start of DOOM 2 MAP 23 (Barrels O' Fun), where I couldn't "pick up" the powerup replacing the shotgun on the pedestal near the "suicide mancubus". I guess that's a small issue to be dealt with in all cases of weapons not directly on the floor... :)

All in all, a good concept and a good implementation IMHO :!: Now, as hilarious as it is, it appears like some sort of joke weapons/gameplay mod; don't know if you have plans about it, but it could easily become a very good "serious" equivalent... :wink:
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