Lobster - Tweaking Stage

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Lobster - Tweaking Stage

Postby XutaWoo » Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:35 am


Yo! Don't be a lamer, brunch on some Lobster!

The sequel to Crab (as much as you can have a sequel to a bunch of unthemed weaponry), Lobster brings several unique weapons and a bunch of weapons that aren't so unique together for one squishy product of etouffee!

So, let's roll out the stars, shall we?

Blood Bane - Slot 1. The primary fire is a quick and powerful bite that absorbs health. Which is good, because the altfire consumes 20 health to shoot a projectile that curses quite a large area around where it hits, causing a ton of damage. You aren't excluded. Replaces the chainsaw.
Raynbow Gun - Slot 2. Shoots a slinky-like thing that changes through the main colors of visible light! While slow and limited range, this thing uses no ammo and packs quite a punch for a starting weapon! Has an altfire that regenerates ammo via solar power (or moon power or demon power or whatever the current sky is) that can be unlocked and further upgraded by the berserk replacement
Sidewinder Shotgun - Slot 3. Woah, a shotgun? Not quite a normal one, however; the pellets of this one veer off upwards and to the right! Hey, what the hell? Though, you can fire four times before you have to pump more shells in. Replaces the shotgun and uses shells.
Autozooka - Slot 3. Charge! The longer you hold down the fire button, the more missiles you'll shoot from this thing! While innaccurate and deadly to yourself at point blank, this thing can deal a ton of damage to a lot of enemies at medium range. Alternatively, the altfire will rapidly fire missiles that will bounce along ceilings and floors, for a more controlled blast. Replaces the super shotgun and uses mini missiles.
Harpoon Gun - Slot 4. Thar she blows! While somewhat slow and not very powerful, the harpoons this thing fires pulls your targets towards you! It's pretty accurate, so you only have to worry about leading your shots for distant targets. Replaces the chaingun and uses harpoons.
Napistol - Slot 5. Silent and extremely deadly! Shoots fast and what it shoots it fast as well-napalm darts! They cause quite an explosion and burn the ground if it's close enough. Though, the explosion will alert enemies. They tend to do that. The altfire will shoot a burst of flames, actually silent, which burn through enemies as it does your ammo. Replaces the rocket launcher and uses napalm.
Poltergeist - Slot 6. You can pretty much call this a homing plasma gun. You could, but you'd be ignoring that you're firing malevolent spirits at...malevolent spirits. Don't think too hard about that. Gets around quite well without you having to aim and pushes stuff around while it flies. Replaces the plasma gun and uses souls.
Odyssey of Souls - Slot 7. Kill everything around you. That's pretty much it. Limited ammo, though, so use wisely. Replaces the BFG 9000 and charges can only be gained by picking up more.

And that's it. There's still more to do, but this is a good point for criticism, since the main line-up is done.

So, fire away!
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Re: Lobster - Tweaking Stage

Postby DoomSplitter » Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:02 am

Awesome mod, the weapon behavior is very original. I found a bug with the Autozooka though : If you release the fire button and you're out of primary ammo, the weapon doesn't fire even if you have missiles loaded.
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Re: Lobster - Tweaking Stage

Postby .+:icytux:+. » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:43 am

Haha, awesome, love the harpoon gun. I laughed like hell when i first fired it at an enemy xD

You should do something about the BFG replacement though, it sort of sucks. It dosn't even hurt the boss monsters :/
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Re: Lobster - Tweaking Stage

Postby XutaWoo » Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:31 pm

And an update, probably the final version past some polish (replacing pickup messages, you see).

So, what's new?

-The Raynbow Gun has an unlockable alt fire! Collect berserk replacements to get and upgrade it. While you stand in the hot sun (or whever the current outside is), it'll recharge an secondary battery that allows fast firing.
-The Sidewinder will automatically pump when it isn't full and the Autozooka will no longer jam.
-Speaking of the Autozooka, it now uses half the ammo and it's charge rate has quadrupled!
-Napistol's max ammo halved. It's okay, though, as the primary fire's ammo use has as well.
-Poltergeist while now push while it's moving, instead of just on explosion.
-Oddysey of Souls has been buffed. It can now harm bosses and will grant full invincibility instead of buddha mode.
-Also, the amount of OoS charges is double when you pickup a backpack as well as one being carried around in the packs. Don't ask how that works. These are the same backpacks lugging around souls and fart cans, after all.
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