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Re: [Done] Master Levels Menu Interface

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 1:49 am
by Gez
You'd need to edit the library script, recompile it, and update the compiled object.

First, open the pk3 with SLADE. Look at the file named MasterLevelsLibrary.txt in the root folder.

It's got a .txt extension, so SLADE will treat it as a regular text file. Use the "Text Language:" drop box to tell it instead to treat it as ACS (ZDoom).

From lines 48 to 68, you have the level track association, so update that as appropriate. Then save and hit the "compile ACS" button.

Now go to the ACS folder. You'll see MSTRLVLL.o (the original compiled script) and MasterLevelsLibrary.o (the new compiled script).

(If you don't have MasterLevelsLibrary.o, it means you haven't configured SLADE to use ACC, so you should do that first and try compiling again. Download ACC, install it somewhere, then in SLADE go to Edit->Preferences->Scripting->ACS and set the path to ACC.)

Delete MSTRLVLL.o and rename MasterLevelsLibrary.o to MSTRLVLL.o. Save the archive after that. Now the "varied music" option should play Peter's music pack.