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DoomCraft RTS MOD [News on post 1]

Postby Karnizero » Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:57 am

A new project and a new Doom game idea.
What if we could play like a member from the hell forces? What if we could "mutate" into a fast and deadly revenant, a strong baron of hell or a bloodthirsty Demon, or any other hellspawn?

That should be cool, but cooler should be to make a war between UAC Marines and hell forces, both factions "used" by humans, and where each faction has its own good points and bad ones.

Don't dream, just believe!!! Here comes DoomCraft RTS MOD.

DoomCraft RTS MOD is a new MOD/TC from scratch, combining the aspects form a FPS (Doom) with any strategy game (for example, Starcraft), and *maybe* a bit RPG.

DoomRTS is now at a BETA state, so, don't think to find a good version, out of bugs or any other problem.

Stop speaking, and just read the list of news:

Monday, 22 October 2007

Some changes at the project have been applied.
Read next lines for info:

1.- "What's new" list:

- At the moment, I have no WWW at my home, so i can't test the MOD via Internet. Meanwhile, I will develop the MOD only for Single Player.
Multiplayer maps will be done when I get WWW at home :wink:

- New Source-Port will be used for the MOD: GzDoom only. You wont be able to play property via ZDoom or any other, cause the use of 3D Floors GZDoom-like Defined, the use of dynamic lights and high resolution textures (for skyboxes mainly).

- New Single Player point of view: there will be two sets of maps: one forst set for the Horde Players, and one second set for the UAC Players. Each set will have it's own history, and the player will be allowed to change the history itself. This is: there will be a kind of quest system. You can finish each quest in various forms, and depending the how you finish them, you will change the history (of your faction).

- There is two packages, divided, each of them, into another two:
a) Full Featured Package: it features new mp3/ogg music, high resolution skybox textures, extra aditional Dynamic Lights (for all illumination sources, and shadowed sectors will have only Substractive Dynamy Lights), all liquid sectors are 3D Floors, ingame screentexts will feature some blured effects, random titlemap, "eyecandy" HTML manual version. If you have a fast WWW connection and "modern" machine, use this download/s. It could be more than 50 Mb (actually, the MOD is about 8 Mb).
o GZDoom Full Featured Package: includes also GZDoom binaries (excutables). Only uncompress the package, copy the Doom2.wad and double click on "Play.bat"
o GZDoomless Full Featured Pack: no GZDoom files included. Download this if you already posses GZDoom.

b) Minimal package: the version who all slow-machine/www connection wants. No high quality music, low resolution skybox textures version, reduced number of Dynamic Lights, minimal use of 3D Floors, no in-screen texts effects, custom titlemap, TXT version of the manual. This would be arround 10 Mb (maybe less). No fast machine needed
o GZDoom Minimal Package: includes GZDoom files, ready to play. It includes also some extra dynamic lights Only Doom2.wad is needed. Dbl-Click over "Play.bat" and get some funny moments.
o Hyper-minimal pack: only the MOD WADs. No GzDoom files no other files included.

1.- "What's done" list:

- All ACS Scripting engine is done, except for one UAC Marines enhancement.
- ACS Code Cleaning and reorganization is finished.
- First (training) map already done.
- New weapon for UAC Marines: Mine Launcher. Leave mines in the ground, and they will explode when an enemy stay near them. This features new sprite for the mine, new sounds and more fun.
- New/changed enhancements for UAC Marines: Personal Teleported is removed. Instead of that, UAC Marines are able to use Regeneration Beacons: Health Poins, Ammo and armor regeneration beacons.
- The history for the Horde Levels is done (write in paper).
- The Horde level structure is write in paper too.

1.- "ToDo" list:

- Finish all, at least, the set of levels for the Horde episode: the horde episode maps are what i am doing now.
- Finish one of the UAC Marines enhancement script.
- Make a Only Multiplayer version, full compatible with ZDaemon and another version for SkullTag. This will be easy, since only some items should be changed, such as Team Multiplayer Starts. At now, I am not worried about this.
- Some kind of "smart" bots: Those bots will be from a "neutral" faction, and will fight against monsters with same attack power than them, so weak bots will run out from Cyberdemon presence.
- Testing the game at Multiplayer using (at now) SkullTag, in a "test" map.

That is all. I think I forget nothing.

:: 19 October 2007 ::

Screenshots from BETA version:







:: 18 October 2007 ::

1.- Description of DoomCraft:
DoomCraft is a SkullTag (and limited compatibility with ZDoom and GZDoom) project, who allows the player play agains the computer or against other players, like a Horde Demon (the Doom hellspawns) or as a UAC Marine.
The TC was initially programmed for Multiplayer-Only, but now, it is possible to play S.Player too, thanks to my prodigious brain 8).

As a Horde member, you can "mutate" into any Doom hell guy or devil. Just earn some money in the battleground, and "buy" your new class: Chaingunner 25 Gold, Arachnotron 125, Cyberdemon 255, and so on.

As a UAC Marine, you will need to get gold coins to buy armor, ammo, weapons and powerups (i really dont remember the gold coins for each of then :lol:)

Each faction, like i wrote before, has it's own pros and not so pro's:
- Horde members cannot heal. A demon or former human cannot use stimpacks, so, horde member are condemned to die soon or before.
- Horde members have infinite ammo, except for chaingunners, former humans and sergeants (ammo recovers slow, at 1 unit per second).
That is because most of the Horde attacks are magical ones: imp fireballs, dark matter ball, from hell knight, etc... And infinite rockets for cyberdemon, etc...
- Horde member are the same as in a Doom normal game: former humans 25 heal, slow movement and slow attacking ratio. Revenant, fast movement, more than 100 health, uses reve.missiles, and his fist in close combat. Demon, fast movement, normal attack ratio, but only hand to hand combat, and all monsters simillar...

- UAC Marines always 100 Heal Points
- Always same speed
- They can carry more than one weapon.
- They can buy powerups, weapons armor, healing packs and any other item that a Doom normal game has.
- UAC Marines have limited ammo, they must buy more ammo when they run out of that.

But, both factions can enhance some units to get stronger:
A) Horde:
- Enhanced Backpack: allows chaingunner to recover Ammo Clips faster (2 more per second, so a total of 3 bullets per second).
- Regeneration: a dark genetic enhanced, that allows Demons (the Demon unit, not all demons from hell), to recover Health points at a fast speed. Don't let a Demon nearly death, he will become a "alive" demon, soon. Just kill them. It recovers 2 H.P per second (1 per half-second).
- Biotitanium armor: the strongest armor all over the world and hell. Cause of its weigh, only Cyberdemons can get use of that. This grant cyberdemons a enormous amount of armor. Gives 700 points of blue armor.

B) UAC Members:
- Biosteroids: a kind of medicine, that modify the genetic code of the marine, and grants him a bit more PERMANENT heal points. This allows marines to have a max of 130 heal point, instead of 100.
- MiniTeleport: a dispositive that allows the marines to teleport where they want. Firt, drop off the positioning device, and when you want, activate the "activation" device, and you will be teleported where the positioning device is.
- (there is a last one, but i dont remember now :( ).

But... How to get all of that amazing stuff? Easy. Earn gold coins.
Money can be an easy task, but also a hard task.
You can find that on floor, you can tell a partner to drop off some for you, or you can find "gold veins" to work your gold out, or you can found some neutral faction members to kill and steal their gold coins.
The decission is yours. Only use your brain, think a good strategy and earn more money than your enemy.

2.- Gameplay modes:
Actually, i have the idea of some gameplay modes, for both, single and multiplayer:

- Single Player
o Survival: Just kill all monsters in the battleground, and don't get killed
o Protection: protect the objective (a monsters, a marine, a gold vein or any other), and kill all monsters.
o Find the..: simillar to a normal Doom game. Find the exit, an item or whaever is required.
o Gold in Time: get much gold, enhance yourself and keep more and more gold, just the quantity required, but be fast, the time wont wait.

- Multiplayer
o Aniquilation: the typical Deathmath normal game. Eye for an eye, and kill any enemy in front of you.
o Domination: with the help of your partners from your faction, conquer all bases in the battleground, and become the ruler of the world.
o Press the button: two teams, one central base. The team that press the button onto the center base, will rule the world.
o The Rock: assault the enemy faction base, and press the autodestruction button, but make it before the time reaches zero, or reinforcements will destroy all your faction.

3.- What is done list:
- All decorate for all horde monsters, except Archvile and Mastermind.
- Two sample single player maps.
- titlemap
- (Bad) sprites for gold veins, claw attacks (imp, H.Knigh and B.of Hell) fist attack (revenant) and bite attack (demon).

4.- ToDo list:
- Better sprites for gold veins and melee attacks (read point 4 from What is done list).
- Many much more maps of all kind of game modes.
- Finish the ACS code for all game modes
- Clean up of already done ACS code.

5.- What is needed list:
- First and mainly, MAPPERS. From this monday, i have an excesive amount of work, so I am out of time to make (decent) maps, not only M.Player, also S.PLayer. All maps need a minimal scripting. If you want to join as a mapper, but dunno how to script or how to use the sample scripts, dont worry, i can make that job easily and fast.
- Artists: i am good at photoshopping and photo manipulation, but my hand drawing skills are worst than Bill Gates programming Windows, so I need volunteers to make sprites for the Horde Weapons and Gold Veins, and all needed items/sprites (look ToDo List):
- Any other *serious* person that wants to be part of the project and could make something usefull to colaborate.

6.- Download Links

This download links allow you to download the BETA version, including:
- Two sample single player maps: survival and protect the dark scientist.
- Only Horde is enable. No UAC Marines can be chosen.
- You can incarnate and buy all devils from hell, except Archvile and Mastermind, and you can buy all Horde enhancements.
- A super-hyper-mega cool titlemap. The better titlemap you ever seen before. 8)

And here they come:

A) Full version: 17.5 Mb includes all necesary to play. Just copy doom2.wad in the same directory where you uncompressed all files, and execute "PLAY.bat" ->

B) Reduced Version: 0.5 Mb only TC wads. You need to download Skulltag, and copy the doom2.wad in the same dir. Then run "PLAY.bat". ->

If you don't have SkullTag, better use first download link.
If you have already SkullTag, better use second download link.

That is all, folks!!
Enjoy, and post any (positive) comment.
Thanks for attention. :D

- Only Enjay is allowed to jump!!!! :wink:
- Dont forget to set the secondary attack controls. Some horde guys, can use melee attack and ranged attack.1
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Postby Shadelight » Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:19 am

Screenshots? :P
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Postby Karnizero » Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:27 am

BlazingPhoenix wrote:Screenshots? :P

Screenshot for my job laptop:

For screenshots, just write "screenshot" at the SkullTag Console, and you will get a amazing screen :P

No screenshots, i forget them in my home personal PC. :(
Maybe tomorrow if I remember them.
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Postby Marcus101RR » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:13 am

Doom Battle is dieing. Crap. Well, who knew this was coming.
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Postby Kirby » Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:57 am

Hey, I remember when there was another one of these way back when. I'd say definitely take a look at that for some ideas. Hopefully, this won't burn out like the other one did :P
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Postby wildweasel » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:26 pm

Marcus101RR wrote:Doom Battle is dieing. Crap. Well, who knew this was coming.

Wait wait, who said it's dying?
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Postby dennisj1 » Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:12 pm

Doom Battle? You mean Doom: Battle for Mars? That died a long time ago.
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Postby Dancso » Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:25 pm

dennisj1 wrote:Doom Battle? You mean Doom: Battle for Mars? That died a long time ago.
No, not that. They've meant of my project on here: ... sc&start=0

And, i've promised i wont let my project die i said "i will continue it while i'm alive" The only problem is that i take smaller-bigger breaks from it, mostly because of lazyness (duh) but i wont let it die ;)
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Postby Marcus101RR » Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:46 pm

Dancso wrote:
dennisj1 wrote:Doom Battle? You mean Doom: Battle for Mars? That died a long time ago.
No, not that. They've meant of my project on here: ... sc&start=0

And, i've promised i wont let my project die i said "i will continue it while i'm alive" The only problem is that i take smaller-bigger breaks from it, mostly because of lazyness (duh) but i wont let it die ;)

Yeah I mean that one. I am a beta tester on it, and I rather like Dansco version better than this one. As right now, I have no idea whats going on in this RTS game. So far, I just played as a zombieman no allies, against imps, demons, and barons. WAH lol
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Postby Karnizero » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:43 am

No, no, no....

This is not Doom Battle and this is not a Doom Battle like TC.

I have actualized the first post with some screens I promised yesterday.

Just look those screens, and take an idea on what DoomCraft really is.

And I write again: someone wants to be part of the project? Mainly sprite artists and mappers would be ok. 8)

Or maybe, someone could tell me where to get some good sprites for arachnotron, demon and revenant weapons...

And yes, I hope this project wont die. It will develop slowly, but will not die.
I have already much ideas, and not hard to implement, and just write at a paper the basic ACS architecture.

Also, now, i am making some code clean up, reorganization and comenting for better future maintenance.
I will do this before continue with the first stable release.

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Postby Jimmy » Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:18 am

This was all started because of my post in that "dream projects" thread, wasn't it? :laff:

Anyway, this wasn't exactly how I imagined it to be, but it should be quite a unique experience to play if/when it releases. :)
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Postby Karnizero » Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:11 am

jimmy91 wrote:This was all started because of my post in that "dream projects" thread, wasn't it? :laff:

Anyway, this wasn't exactly how I imagined it to be, but it should be quite a unique experience to play if/when it releases. :)

I had this project semi-done many time ago, just stopped, so, i decided to restart that cause i was bored at home, and out of ideas.
Then, yesterday, I read your post of the dream projects post, so someone will think that i took the idea from that.

The project is already released. The Beta version. 8)
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Postby Unknown_Assassin » Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:02 am

This was different from what I was expecting, but I think the wad looks good. :)
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Postby Nash » Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:12 am

Funny how this Jimmy's mod and this one is exactly the same name.

Anyway, screenshots don't really show much so I'm not going to try it until more is done.
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Postby XutaWoo » Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:36 pm

You should be able to set down units that don't move but attack when the enemy is close enough, though it cost gold to do that.

Also, what's the gold's actor name?
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