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Post by Shadelight »

this would be kind of useful for cutscenes. What this would be, is that you could force a thing frame using a script, Defining the sprite frame. Thing_attack would make the thing fire even though it's dormant or whatever. would this be possible?
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Post by Kirby »

Frame thing sounds useful, but might be complicated. As for making a monster fire, I think that it's simply not possible while its dormant. If you want to do what I think you want to, then why not spawn the monster's projectile in front of it?
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Post by Phobus »

Why not just activate it and give it a hate target to attack? Then deactivate at the end or something.
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Graf Zahl
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Post by Graf Zahl »

Why not implement a useful feature instead of having to hack around the limitations? With the new custom state support this can be really useful for cutscenes and other stuff like that.
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Post by Lexus Alyus »

Yeah, what Graf said :D.


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