Public games?

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Public games?

Post by ThibsLeNoob »

I'd like to know if he's going to have any way to do public games in zdoom (middleware or update)?
We can only play between ams and that's too bad.
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Re: Public games?

Post by Rachael »

This is something for a more multiplayer-centric fork to focus on.

Even if GZDoom adopts Zandronum's net model and Zandronum re-forks from GZDoom afterward, in general we'd still like to focus on the greater GZDoom as a whole, and allow Zandronum to manage the resulting multiplayer community that spawns from that.

So for this reason, it's unlikely we will ever put in the infrastructure for "public games" on our own. I'd be happy to code things like the master server and things like that, to allow anyone to put up their own, but I won't host it. Anyone else is welcome to do that, though, and they will be responsible for all the issues that come along with it.

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