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MODELDEF definitions to A_Set3D++++

Postby Deybar_TECH » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:04 am

Hi everyone, let's start.
First, I am very grateful for all the great work that GZDoom developers have invested all these years.
And nobody should forget the many applications that have allowed us to edit, create and play the files (wad & pk3).
But unfortunately there are many complaints about 3D models:

Other users wrote:can I edit roll-offset at runtime

Inheritances on MODELDEF

ModelDef inheritance

SetActorModelTexture() (to set an actor's 3D model texture)

MODELDEF Translucency property?

Multi-assignment to model blocks

Expose model frame data to ZScript?

And his (Lump / Entry: MODELDEF) That I think exists from SkullTag with almost no improvements.
But now, how would this new A_Set3Dmodel work?

A_Set3D +++++ should work just like the existing one (A_Overlay +++++) which in turn is an advanced version of the old and limited A_GunFlash.
A_Set3D would be the perfect solution to all problems related to your MODELDEF, as it would make precise changes and modifications of SKIN, FRAME, MODEL during the game. And to be able to use this tool in the states of actors and within functions, if a base actor who uses these new tools, all the classes that descend from him, will automatically use the 3D models already defined. Instead of unnecessarily redefining another Modeldef definition for these descendant classes.
In addition to that only A_Set3Dskin should be used to change the texture of 3D objects. And that the rest of animations work normally thanks to A_Set3Dframe.

Now, some may want to question the fact of why to suggest and add such an ambitious function as (A_Set3D + + + + + +).
I respond by saying that there are many limitations with the existing MODELDEF and that there is a lot of evidence that even internal functions and data of (GZDoom) can be modified, exported and available for ZScript. And that an topic has the power to encourage zdoom developers.
See these alternatives more easier, more faster and, above all, totally inheritable methods and that replaced some existing definitions (lump / entry) already existing and very old.
Spoiler: "New Decals"

Spoiler: "Modern Dynamic lights"

Spoiler: "src/win32/deadguy.bmp"

Read these 4 reasons why I want to suggest this challenging new feature called (A_Set3Dmodel) and also, these are the main problems and their limited existing solutions that prevent the advanced use of 3D models. I am sure that many other people will agree.
And even possibly made them give up working with 3D models and forced them to create sprites of the models instead of using them directly.

Spoiler: "SlimeMan example"

Spoiler: "more comfortable transparency and Renderstyle"

Spoiler: "some additional effects"

Spoiler: "double Modification of positions and angles"

Only in this incredible Gzdoom I create without limits everything I always wanted. :wub: :idea: :D
This request from A_Set3DModel is only to simplify the unnecessary work required to add 3D models. And surely many other people will benefit greatly from this tool and more projects based on 3D models will emerge.

Sorry for requesting something so extensive, but I really need a solution to 3D limitations. :roll:
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Re: MODELDEF definitions to A_Set3D++++

Postby Graf Zahl » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:08 am

The post is TL;DR, but even the techical parts I spotted don't work out. Sorry.
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