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dedicated healer companion

Postby Stumpy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:15 pm

sofar there have been two(2) companions with one more on the way

Ralsei, by It's Me Veronica: with his ability to "hug" his enemies and hug you to heal you. with Susie on the way by the same mod author
the Prestes from the Goblin Slayer series, by Blux001: she can hold her own with her shotgun and is almost immortal with the amount of health she has

both are great companions in their own way

so how about a companion mod where it's their job heal you?

how you may ask? a few ways which can be done, at least what i want in the options menu
1) activate the companion and they'll heal you
2) no matter where you are they'll make it their top priority to heal you, even in the middle of a firefight
3) a dedicated i need healing button and they'll come rushing out of cover to heal you

they option on how they'll heal you would also look like this
1) get in the healing radius and as long as you are in it you get health
2) the Left 4 Dead style of healing, plant your feet in the ground and wait for the healing to end
3) immediate healing as much as they can

well that's good and all but what about the helper?
hopefully they can hide behind cover, and if you want plink away at the enemies with their trusty peashooter, or even chear for you from cover if you so desire. and yes, they can also heal themselves when available

looks like that's covered, where is the health coming from?
hopefully from the health and stimpacks lying around

other options in no particular order
>have the companion being the ONLY way to get heals
>a contextual command button for pointing in a vague direction, on a specific point in the room, or at a pillar to hide behind
>the option to use the berserk pack immediately or save it for later
>how much health they can store up if any, up to 999 stored
>resuscitation of a dead player, but only if they have the health packs in reserve. default off
>the ability to at least try to find secrest, but can't activate them. default off
>the ability to suit up with armor pickups lying around
>the ability to pick up and pass you weapons and ammo to you
>using a soulsphere to revive your dead companion
>the ability for them to use the powerups they find

now why do i want this? good question

all i can say is, good luck and all that. i've got a lot of respect for those who put up with the madness that is modding
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Re: dedicated healer companion

Postby Graf Zahl » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:29 pm

This has no place as an engine feature, and since this forum is for engine-feature suggestions, this gets a clear "no".
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Re: dedicated healer companion

Postby Xim » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:31 pm

Yeah IMO this seems like something that would be better off made as a mod, rather than added as a feature to ZDoom. Especially with all the features you're suggesting along with it.
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Re: dedicated healer companion

Postby manishpatel » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:26 am

Xim wrote:Yeah IMO this seems like something that would be better off made as a vidmate mod, rather than added as a feature to ZDoom. Especially with all the features you're suggesting along with it.

If someone builds a MOD for such it will be good addon feature which I would definitely like to use.
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