[Closed] 64-bit integer types in ZScript

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64-bit integer types in ZScript

Postby Marisa Kirisame » Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:55 pm

I noticed recently that there's no (u)int64 in zscript. Any reason why? I'd expect functions like MSTime() to use it.
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Re: 64-bit integer types in ZScript

Postby Graf Zahl » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:40 am

Ask Randi!

I guess the main problem was that when the VM was written, 64 bit wasn't on the radar. Remember: ZDoom never had a 64 bit release. Even 2.8.1 was strictly 32 bit only.
But as things are, the VM has no instructions for 64 bit math - presumably because they'd perform like crap on a 32 bit system - and I never bothered adding them - I still won't unless I can ditch 32 bit support entirely, because adding this will have an adverse impact on 32 bit VM performance, and probably will add a lot of hassle to the WIP JIT compiler.

If we could go 64 bit exclusively, things might change, but we still have 4% of 32 bit users - that's a bit high for dropping support.
(That said, the upcoming Vulkan renderer most certainly will be 64 bit exclusively, both to save work and because less than half of the 32 bit users could run it. Those few who run an obsolete OS with modern enough hardware really need to move on.)
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