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Add ZDoom LE to download page

Postby drfrag » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:46 pm

Consider the suggestion to add ZDoom32 retired for now, the engine is stable but there are a few problems and i need to review a lot of stuff.
Due to the recently discovered security issues i've stopped ZDoom32 development for now and instead i've released a new ZDoom LE version.
I've ported _mental_ security fixes (execution of unsafe commands and ACS stack checking, all the stuff) and LE now has over 200 additional official patches (mostly bugfixes but also some conservative features) compared to 2.8.1. Also i've reverted most of my initial modifications, now all the code is restored (and engine defaults as well) and fixed to compile with MinGW. Clearly we had no idea of what we were doing back then and i admit the version Graf Zahl tested was a POS. I've tested the security fixes against unsafe MENUDEF and KEYCONF and everything seems fine. Fun fact, lilith now doesn't run anymore. :mrgreen:

According to a recent poll @doomworld many people still use ZDoom so now that this thing exist i think there's risk and it's a good idea to use it (i've really only made some very minor modifications) and the GL renderer is a plus (but of course it's not the default and the engine will revert to the software renderer if there's no adequate GL support, only 1.2 is required).
Since this is a MinGW build there's no XInput controller support (don't think it's a major problem). Also i cannot make Mac and Linux builds (should work but i could not blindly apply patches specific to those platforms).

I've uploaded the 2.8.2 version for evaluation here, no it's not a special Valentine's day edition. :wub: I planned to release it after the next GZDoom version but i've rushed it out since i'm going to lose my internet connection one of these days. Also development has been a pain, these days it's been very cold and i've got no heating so i could only spent brief periods of time in front of my computer (can't even dream of buying a new one), i've been ill as well. Regards.

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Re: Add ZDoom LE to download page

Postby Rachael » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:06 am

I'm closing this because putting LZDoom in place of QZDoom is already on the table.
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