New aim mode for A_CustomRailgun that doesn't force pitch

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New aim mode for A_CustomRailgun that doesn't force pitch

Postby Jekyll Grim Payne » Thu Dec 16, 2021 8:27 am

Currently A_CustomRailgun includes a pretty silly oversight where it *always* forces vertical aiming, even if the aim argument is 0:
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self->Angles.Pitch = P_AimLineAttack (self, self->Angles.Yaw, MISSILERANGE, &t, 60., 0, aim ? self->target : NULL);

Moreover, if you do target = null, A_CustomRailgun doesn't produce any rails at all.

That makes it impossible to actually use it as a utility function that simply performs a linear attack. Yes, I know that can be performed manually via LineTrace and such, but A_CustomRailGun can be convenient under some circumstances, and the way the aim currently works makes no sense.

Suggestion: add either aim 3, or a flag (something like RGF_IGNORETARGET or RGF_DONTFORCEAIM) that disables all kinds of aiming completely.
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