[MAPINFO] StaticText for episode defs

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[MAPINFO] StaticText for episode defs

Post by NightFright »

I am not sure how useful this can be in general for others, but I wonder if it's possible to have a way to add text to MAPINFO (e.g. episode definitions) which cannot be selected, similar to StaticText/StaticTextCentered definitions in MENUDEF. This is specifically meant for episode defs that exceed the max amount and are shown with the normal menu font instead of using the Doom/Heretic/whatever font lumps.


Code: Select all

StaticText "WILLITS", "gold"
episode attack { name = "Attack" }
episode canyon { name = "Canyon" }
In this example, it shows the text "WILLITS" (in gold letters) and then the selectable two Master Levels as single-level episodes.

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