Line_GenericActivation() or Similar

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Line_GenericActivation() or Similar

Post by Sarah »

This was brought to my attention by MekBoss - basically how to do stuff in ZScript from activated lines. I implemented this in ZScript Windows, however this seems pretty hacky to me. If you look at either MekBoss's demo file or the ZScript Windows demo map, you'll see that we both use HealThing() to activate the terminal line without actually doing anything. All the line does is hold UDMF data for ZScript Windows to process.

What I'm requesting is a generic line special that is identified as such, that does nothing but send the line activation event for event handlers. My thought for a name is Line_GenericActivation() or Line_ZScriptEvent() or something along those lines. Also not necessarily a UDMF specific feature either, besides gathering data from UDMF variables, this might help in processing some sort of border - I'm thinking like a boxing ring, you need something to occur when an actor crosses the line but that something varies, could even by UI related.

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