GenericMenu virtual function to stop menu from opening

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GenericMenu virtual function to stop menu from opening

Postby _bryan » Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:00 am

With the current implementation of GenericMenu as far as I know it's only possible to close a menu by closing it via the draw function after it's already been opened.

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class SomeMenu : GenericMenu {
  bool closeMe;
  override void Init (Menu parent) {
    if (whatever) {
      closeMe = true;

  override void Drawer() {
    if (whatever) {
    ..else draw crap..

This works in the sense that the menu closes itself, but it would be nice if the menu didn't open at all so the player doesn't have a hiccup if they try to open a menu when it might not be relevant.

An example of what I mean:

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