GLDEFS Glowing Flats "Don't Light Sprites" Flag

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GLDEFS Glowing Flats "Don't Light Sprites" Flag

Postby silentzora » Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:25 pm

Any chance a flag could be added to the Texture mode of setting up glowing flats, so that sprites (monsters, etc.) aren't displayed as fullbright when standing on/hovering above said flat? Could be handy for when one wants to add only a subtle glow (light fixtures, teleport pads, etc) without completely ruining the ambience. Syntax could look something like this.

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Texture "flat name", color[, glow height] [, fullbright] [, dontlightsprites]

Could be implied as FALSE if not supplied by the modder, meaning current behavior is used.
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