A_StartSound's startTime - Additional flags

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A_StartSound's startTime - Additional flags

Postby Major Cooke » Wed Mar 04, 2020 12:43 pm

Rip and Tear wrote:It may be worth having a special value (-1?) that starts the sound at the sound's LOOP_START marker (https://zdoom.org/wiki/Audio_loop)

From this post, I agree with it but I'd probably have flags instead. These would manipulate startTime to scale based on which is used.

  • SSF_LOOP_START - Starts where the LOOP_START meta is defined. Adapts the startTime so 0 is where LOOP_START begins.
  • SSF_CLIP_TO_LOOP_END - If LOOP_END is included on the sound, then scales startTime's end (1.0) to LOOP_END.
  • SSF_LOOP_END - Starts where the LOOP_END meta is defined, so startTime at 0 would start there and 1.0 would be at the end of the sound file.
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