A better way to trigger ACS from DIALOGUE

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A better way to trigger ACS from DIALOGUE

Postby Kinsie » Sat Feb 22, 2020 3:08 am

It's sort of possible to run ACS scripts from a Strife dialogue by calling the special directly...

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         text = "Here's my card. Call me.";
         CloseDialog = true;
         special = 80; // ACS_Execute
         arg0 = 10; // Run script 10
         arg1 = 0; // Run on this map
         GiveItem = "QuestItem1"; // To use the other page when talking after script
            item = "Null_RedCard";
            amount = 1;

...but it's not very intuitive and doesn't seem to support named scripts. Since there's already GZDoom Strife Dialog Format for things that'd break the pre-existing standards, some sort of easier way to call a script would be greatly appreciated for more interesting NPC interaction. (In the example script above from an old mod of mine, the called script tells the actor being conversed with - who is blocking a narrow path - to walk over to a map point, allowing the player to progress.)
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