Check\get custom DamageFactor

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Check\get custom DamageFactor

Postby Void Weaver » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:57 pm

Drawn from that question.

Seems there is no way to check it at all, so it would be useful to have a some function with no matter for what it will oriented (ZScript, DECORATE or ACS), which will allow to check or get value of pointed DamageFactor.

Smth. like:

bool CheckDamageFactor(str actorclass (or int tid), str damagefactotype, int pointer)
int GetDamageFactor(str actorclass (or int tid), str damagefactotype, int pointer)

Practice sence of function is quite obvious I guess, but for general exmple it can be used as part of condition check for a some sort of immunity or resistance of actorclass to specific DamageType, as I've already mentioned in the origin thread.
And if continue that logic then it will be easy make a some immunity mechanics to a some DamageType-based effects: for DamageFactor "Fire", 0 actor will be immune to burning, for 0 "Ice" to freezing or slow, etc.
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