alias *keytry instead of *usefail

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alias *keytry instead of *usefail

Postby Enjay » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:59 pm

This is just a very minor request. In fact, it's almost the addressing of a benign bug or unimplemented feature I guess. However, it would have helped me untangle stuff when I was trying to figure out a mod this evening (it would also help silence a warning that I get with GZDB about double-defined sounds).

The SNDINFO in gzdoom.pk3 has the following line:

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$alias misc/keytry      *usefail

Which means that when trying a locked door, the game plays whatever player-voice *usefail sound has been set for the gender/voice being played. (By default, this is DSNOWAY in the normal male Doom player setup)

However, there is also a player sound called *keytry that I found quite by accident (it's not used in gzdoom.pk3's SNDINFO files as far as I can tell and it's not in the wiki either - so I was actually about to request one - but I gave it a go and it worked).

Anyway, I feel that it would make more sense for the line to read

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$alias misc/keytry      *keytry

and the following lines be added to SNDINFO.TXT in filter/game-doomchex

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$playersound    player    male      *keytry    dsnoway

$playersound    player    female    *keytry    dsfnoway

$playersound    player    other     *keytry    dscnoway

Which I think matches the lump naming used in the file already (even though the second two lumps are not present unless provided by a mod).

For completion's sake, there probably should also be a neutral voice defined in there. I don't see it in any of the gzdoom.pk3 files (though it works perfectly well if a user defines a SNDINFO in their own mod).
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