Enabling PSprites on Actors

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Enabling PSprites on Actors

Postby Major Cooke » Thu May 02, 2019 1:47 pm

Seeing as how the player has been (mostly?) exported at this point, including (almost?) everything PSprite related, I think it's feasible to consider moving PSprites to the actor base itself, removing the limitations of the current system.

The ability to render different views without requiring a PlayerPawn hack or using ACS to draw a hud based on what the actor is doing would be a blessed relief. Furthermore, PSprites are affected by lighting/effects which is needed for one of my projects.

I don't think it would take too much either, simply changing everything from PlayerPawn/CustomInventory to basic actors aught to do it, but I smell a couple of 'Gotcha!'s to look out for. That's the only part making me hesitate on doing it myself currently.
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