Plasma Cloud behind Player Setup

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Plasma Cloud behind Player Setup

Postby Enjay » Wed May 01, 2019 2:06 pm

Just a thought really. The player setup menu (since the last couple of versions or so) has featured a warping texture behind the player preview instead of the generated swirly/smokey/cloudy image. I have no real problem with it and I also like the clean look of the player menu using the new console font.

However, I just wondered if there might be any interest in substituting the player backdrop with something a bit more like the generated cloudy image rather than the noisy grainy image currently in use?

The default is...

and I am suggesting using something, perhaps, a bit more like this...

The above was made using the following image:
I generated it in the fractal generating program ChaosPro and then did some post generation editing to make it look a bit better and tile etc.

However, I'm sure that someone would be able to come up with something better. e.g. I quite like this:

Using this image:
However, I cannot vouch for the original source of that one. It's just a texture that I found on my HD that I edited a little to be suitable.

Obviously, all of the above look better in GZDoom itself because it is nicely animated. So, the attached files can be tested if anyone is interested.

(10.69 KiB) Downloaded 11 times

(8.83 KiB) Downloaded 10 times

Just load'em (separately) and go to the player setup menu.

Even if this suggestion isn't adopted, it's nice to know that this is a moddable feature.
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