Flag to switch projectile's master/target if reflected

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Flag to switch projectile's master/target if reflected

Postby DabbingSquidward » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:49 am

Currently, of all the three types of homing/seeking projectiles in Hexen, only one of them turns back on its master if blasted by a Disc of Repulsion.
The cleric boss, Traductus, like the player fires 4 HolySpirit actors as part of his Wraithverge attack. These home in on the player but if blasted by said Disc, will become yours and make short work of him.
The dark bishop's and Heresiarch's BishopFX and SorcFX1 however are only pushed back a small distance, only to still spiral towards you.
I even experimented how the Disc would fare in Doom against a Revenant in Kinsie's Test Map, and witnessed a similar behavior. The revenant's missile still targeted me, but because it doesn't track that well on the vertical axis, it flew high up and almost hit the distant ceiling.
After going high and low through the wiki and the ZScript source code in hopes of finding an answer of how and why certain missiles are successfully repelled against their sender and others aren't, I was left stumped.
This is why I want to suggest a property, flag or parameter in either the ArtiBlastRadius's, projectile's or A_Seekermissile's code that easily allows the end user to decide if a missile should turn on its former master if blasted.
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