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Postby Enjay » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:24 pm

If you start a game with the -deathmatch parameter, but are not warping to a specific map, and the loaded mod has a TITLEMAP without and DM starts, you will just get dumped to the console with a "No deathmatch starts" message when the TITLEMAP tried to start.

I suggest that the TITLEMAP should run regardless, if that's possible.

Secondly, if you have sounds.rff from Blood loaded and you also have +cl_bbannounce 1 on the command line when starting a game with -deathmatch,
gzdoom -file modfile.pk3 -deathmatch +cl_bbannounce 1

The bloodbath announcer will play one of its random level-start sounds at the TITLEMAP too. Certainly, the TITLEMAP that I loaded was very weird with that happening.

I suggest that the BBA probably shouldn't play for a TITLEMAP.

Basically, in my head at least, the TITLEMAP should behave like the TITLEPIC which, obviously, would neither complain about a lack of DM starts nor play the BBA sounds.

Neither of the above are bugs as such, but may perhaps be something that simply hasn't been thought about. The current situation may be considered fine, but I thought I'd post this here just in case. I'm aware both are minor concerns and pretty niche.
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