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$include for SNDINFO

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:19 am
by Marrub
I would submit a PR for this but unfortunately I don't have a proper development environment right now, my suggestion is to add an $include directive to SNDINFO so that files can be included from it, for instance:
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$include "my/cool_file.txt"

My mod currently has 17 SNDINFO files for organization purposes, but they're all stuffed in the root directory with different extensions, which is rather awful. It's made worse since "SNDINFO" is 7 characters, so you can only have one extension, i.e. "sndinfo.1_thing" instead of "sndinfo.1_thing.txt".

EDIT: Seems all that would need to be added is a recursion in S_AddSNDINFO and a new SI_ enum.
EDIT EDIT: Actually, here's a diff, but I can't test it:
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@@ -133,10 +133,11 @@ enum SICommands
+   SI_Include,
 // Blood was a cool game. If Monolith ever releases the source for it,
 // you can bet I'll port it.
@@ -230,10 +231,11 @@ static const char *SICommandStrings[] =
+   "$include",
 static TArray<FRandomSoundList> S_rnd;
 static FMusicVolume *MusicVolumes;
@@ -1482,10 +1484,17 @@ static void S_AddSNDINFO (int lump)
          case SI_IfStrife:
          case SI_IfHeretic:
          case SI_IfHexen:
             skipToEndIf = !CheckGame(sc.String+3, true);
+         case SI_Include:
+            sc.MustGetString();
+            if (Wads.CheckNumForName (sc.String))
+            {
+               S_AddSNDINFO (lump);
+            }
+            break;
       { // Got a logical sound mapping
          FString name (sc.String);