More robust options for texture alignment (pegging)

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More robust options for texture alignment (pegging)

Postby RockstarRaccoon » Sat May 26, 2018 2:02 pm

So, to extend my requests from a while back, I would like to propose a new system for texture alignment, or "pegging" as it is referred to.

In case no one remembers, in the past year I've bumped up against the need to the need to do things like pegging a texture to the floor, or doing away with pegging and aligning a wall to the 0 on the map height. After examining the part of the rendering code which deals with this, it seems to me that both are theoretically possible, but adding a bunch more flags to a line for each one would neither be robust nor elegant.

I would like to a propose a group of numeric fields (3 bytes) for sidedefs, to provide absolute control over the alignment for textures. This would be one byte for each texture on each sidedef of a linedef, and would have values along the lines of...
-1 - Old System
0 - Absolute (0 on the map height)
1 - Front Ceiling
2 - Back Ceiling
3 - Front Floor
4 - Back Floor

Would this be a good feature, or would attempting to implement it tear the engine apart? Is there a better potential implementation to look at?
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