Default Keybindings Presets

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Re: Default Keybindings Presets

Postby Rachael » Sat May 23, 2020 10:10 pm

Graf Zahl wrote:
Rachael wrote:I'd really prefer to have just 2, maybe 3 default layouts. Lefty and Righty layouts can be merged. This is for new users, not for people who might have their IJKL keys bound to cheats or special CVar changes.

No, they can't. I use the WASD keys for other functions and I don't think I'm the only one. If we make the presets too generic it is just as bad as having too many.

Okay, I tried to hold off on responding to this one but I can't - this really has to be said.

Default settings aren't for people like you. Nor are they for people like me. Or for anyone who already uses GZDoom on a regular basis. They're for brand-new users, and changing them will affect literally neither of us. Me, personally? I already have my entire numberpad bound to CVar changing commands. I'm not asking for these defaults to be changed for me - I'm asking them to be changed so that a new user is less overwhelmed in navigating what is pretty much universally agreed to as a shitty and convoluted menu organization in order to change the preferences to their liking - the less they have to change, the better. And while yeah, the menu could stand to be improved as well, that's a separate issue and beyond the scope and intent of this thread.

The goal with making a more generic preset isn't to make things more convenient for you and me. It's to make it less inconvenient for a brand-new user. No matter what you set the preset to, literally every new user will have to change something. That's life. It's okay. The goal is to ease the burden here, not provide an optimal one-size-fits-all default.

Graf Zahl wrote:Two should be ok, one based on WASD and the other on 8426, but both should bind the cursor keys as well.

No matter what is decided, the cursor keys do seem to be reasonable to keep bound. After all, even when laptop keyboard designers decide to axe the keypad and arbitrarily decide where the non-arrow control keys go (ins/del/pgup/pgdn/home/end) - they almost always at least have the cursor keys at least.
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Re: Default Keybindings Presets

Postby drfrag » Wed Jun 10, 2020 11:35 am

Well since nothing else has been decided i've gone ahead and done the PR:
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