Non-cropped images with res and text screens

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Non-cropped images with res and text screens

Postby camaxide » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:46 pm

Currently I can have fullscreen background images for enter-map and for worldmap etc. but I can't for credit scrolling or for intermission text - is this likely to change? I'd like to be able to display a full 16:9 image on all those backgrounds and not get cropped down to 4:3 on some of them.

Also, running the game in 4K 16:9 will crop backgrounds that is in HD (still 16:9) this is weird behaviour, and means I need to have one file containing the backgrounds in HD and another file to load if playing the mod in 4K.. adding another 200mb to the project just in double imagery - that's not counting if people play with a non 16:9 res or 1440p etc.. for that I'd need additional sets.. Having these screens displayed in 16:9 gives a totaly different immersion than when they are cropped down to 4:3 - which is why I work hard trying to make as much of it fullscreen where possible - after all the game plays out in 16:9 now if that is the chosen res.
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Re: Non-cropped images with res and text screens

Postby Gez » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:37 am

Here's an idea for implementation: why not use image offsets?

For example, a 800x450 image (16:9 ratio) with offsets of [100, 0]. Then the engine scales and centers the image as usual, but knows that the top left corner of the 4:3 area is the pixel at [100, 0]. In effect, a 600x450 image (4:3 ratio) is scaled to the 4:3 area in the center of the screen, and then there are 100 pixel columns on both sides to fill out the widescreen.

That system could also accommodate tall screen (5:4) ratio, like 1280x1024. For example, a 800x480 picture with offsets of [100, 15] would get an "inner 4:3 area" starting at [100:15] and centered, therefore ending at [699, 464], making it still 600x450 for scaling. Now there are 100 pixel columns on the sides for widescreen, and 15 pixels columns on top and bottom for tall screen.

I do not believe that offsets are ever used on TITLEPIC, ENDPIC, and other fullscreen images. but just in case it could be enabled by a MAPINFO/GameInfo keyword.
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