Move bot definitions into its own lump in gzdoom.pk3

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Move bot definitions into its own lump in gzdoom.pk3

Postby Nash » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:41 am

I posted this about bot definitions... in another thread

Nash wrote:Should the zcajun Bots.cfg be packaged with future official GZDoom builds? As broken as they are, they're still an engine feature and currently the only way to get the CFG file is to download some old version of ZDoom...

Gez wrote:It'd be better if instead of a file it could be loaded from a lump, say, CAJUNBOT or ZBOTCONF. Then it could be squirreled away in gzdoom.pk3 instead of being a loose file.

Caligari87 wrote:ZBOTCONF would be great for any future expandability. The current Cajun bots could be one section, other bots (if ever added) could use a different syntax.

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