0000076: [Stereo 3D] Dominant eye support

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0000076: [Stereo 3D] Dominant eye support

Postby biospud » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:32 pm

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Summary   0000076: [Stereo 3D] Dominant eye support
Description   This recent post is not the first request I have had for this feature.

In the current stereo 3D implementation, the left and right eye views are offset equally to the left and right of the player viewpoint. But using the crosshair and various mod weapon sight effects can be tedious or confusing this way. Better might be to have the dominant eye (default to right, but I personally am left-eyed, so it better be adjustable) located at the player viewpoint, with only the other eye offset. Perhaps a new CVAR with value -1.0 for left eye dominant, +1.0 for right eye dominant, and 0.0 for the current behavior.

I don't forsee myself working on this in the immediate future. But I'd like to get to it eventually. So this issue report...
Steps To Reproduce   1. Run Brutal Doom in Stereo 3D
2. Aim down the weapon sight, with only your dominant eye open.
3. Fire the weapon. Notice that the bullet mark is not quite where you were looking.
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