Switched rotations with Doom Sprite Batch Renderer?

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Switched rotations with Doom Sprite Batch Renderer?

Postby DamTheGreat » Thu Mar 24, 2022 6:08 pm

I delved into 3D modeling for a simple decoration, but there's something weird I want to clear up before making my custom monsters. I use Blender with the Doom Sprite Batch Renderer addon. I followed the instructions on the GitHub page and after some fiddling around, I got my sprites. But when I coded the decoration and placed it in the level, something looked off, everything was backwards. I messed around with the files and it turns out rotations 2 and 8, 4 and 6, and 3 and 7 were switched. I switched the numbers out but there's still a problem: the decoration is backwards, ie what is supposed to be the front by what the arrow on the thing in GZDoom Builder shows is actually the back. Did I not follow the instructions correctly? Do I have to place the SpriteCamera behind the model?

EDIT: Nevermind, I fully read the GitHub page now and it probably has to do with the "Direction" option...
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