Seamless texture design tip: Wrap-around mode in Krita

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Seamless texture design tip: Wrap-around mode in Krita

Postby cowsay » Sun Mar 06, 2022 8:25 pm

Krita is free and open source software primarily for painting, but it also makes a pretty darn good Photoshop replacement. If you already use Photoshop, it's easy to adjust to.

Krita has a really nifty feature called Wrap Around Mode that makes seamless texture design a breeze. You can draw directly onto a tiled canvas, and if your brush goes outside of the bounds of the canvas, the brush stroke wraps around to the other side to form a perfect seamless brush stroke. Another benefit of being able to draw directly onto the tiled/seamless texture is that it makes it easier to find and fix "hot spots" in your texture that stick out like a sore thumb when tiled.

This is also REALLY helpful for drawing things like brick and cobblestone.

Here is a quick little demo I recorded:

To access this feature: View > Wrap Around Mode (Shift-W)

This is incredibly useful for game textures, especially older games like Doom.

Hope someone finds this useful
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