Better Looking Fire and Laser Effects

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Better Looking Fire and Laser Effects

Post by Moebius »

Doom 3 Alpha Labs 1 in Doom 2

I'm nearing the final steps of adding weapons/ammo, monsters, and clutter. But I have some issues/problems I was wondering if anyone has suggestions/solutions. (Ignore the red/yellow exclamation icons, I'm trying Xim's 3D models to see how they look)

1. I'd like a better looking EPD Laser effect. Currently using a zero height 3D sector, changing ceiling/floor textures with script. 3D modes didn't light well. Can't use SetLineSpecial for 3D sector line 160 in script. Even if one could, it would have the same textures.

2. Fire effects, especially the gas leak one behind the door could look better. (I believe the png's are from Project Brutality)

3. There is a multi tier area where two doors are above each other. I thought using a polyobject door would work great since the Player can only see/use one at a time. Unfortunately, the two level heights aren't a multiple of 128 so one of the door textures will always look like it's shifted up/down.

4. A little after the area of the stacked door problem I have another one with polyobject doors. Two of the upper level doors are above open space below so they are visible and block movement. For now I made them look like opened doors (no polyobject). I considered using portals, as I did for the highest level, but there is no good vertical place to "slice".

Doom 2 WAD, Map01, needs D3Retro_hires_v3.7.pk3, runs well on GZDOOM 470

D3AlphaLabs1.pk3 ... sp=sharing

D3Retro_hires_v3.7.pk3 ... sp=sharing

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