Editing the Bloodbath text in GZDoom 4.#.#

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Editing the Bloodbath text in GZDoom 4.#.#

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I've been cleaning up some issues in Chex Quest 3, including fixing up the language lumps. One of the things I had done was create new Bloodbath text entries for the (very) violent and definitely-not E-rated Bloodbath multiplayer strings ("+cl_bbannounce 1"). That had worked with Zandronum, ZDoom and version of GZDoom before 4 with the original language lumps. But with the .csv lumps, I can't seem to find how to change this. None of the language.csv lumps I've found contain the entries, and GZDoom 4.7.1 also no longer seems to acknowledge the old style language lumps (or at the very least, the Bloodbath contents) when a .csv lump is present. I even tried shoehorning the text strings into a custom .csv lump with the various BBA_***** entires marked as such in the appropriate columns, but no dice there.

Is there some new way to change the Bloodbath text strings that I'm not currently aware of?

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