Do model frames matter?

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Do model frames matter?

Postby Enjay » Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:30 pm

I have noticed that many models of static objects in the MD3 format have multiple frames of "animation" (usually 30) even if each frame is actually identical (I guess some legacy of model editing tools or something).

With such a model, I would only actually need 1 of the frames. That's easy enough, I just make a spawn state with a single frame and allocate model frame 0 to it in MODELDEF. No problem.

However, I was wondering if the additional unused frames have any impact on the game? For example, an MD3 model with 30 identical frames of "animation" seems to have a file size that is typically around 10 times as big as the same model if I strip out all of the animation frames except frame 0.

Models compress pretty well in a zip file, so the size doesn't have a huge impact for distribution, but does the bigger model/additional data mean it takes longer to decompress the model for the game to load it? Does it take longer to load after decompression? Does the model being bigger mean that more memory is used by the game?

I'm guessing any differences are likely to be minimal but perhaps, if there is an impact, it might add up in a model-heavy mod. So, is there any appreciable impact from models of this type?
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