Doom Rpg-RLA Help needed

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Doom Rpg-RLA Help needed

Postby Magic Simon » Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:15 am

I was wondering how to change the max amount of weapons you can carry in DOOM RPG combo RLA. From 6 to at least 9 or 10....looked in the game code from folder/scripts.actors.gamedef mapdef... I looked everywhere still can find a way...There is some console command wich doesnt seem to work. // DRLA Debug Mode
if (GetCVar("drpg_debug_drla") & DDM_NOLIMITS)
SetInventory("RLWeaponLimit", 0);

Still doesnt look like it works....Doom rpg rla is a great game only it bugs me you can only carry 6 weapons....
Magic Simon
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