batch converting models

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batch converting models

Postby CBM » Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:19 am

I have batch converted all dmd models to md2 and I now have 384 md2 files that Id like to convert to md3 files.... I have decided to ONLY use MD3 and OBJ files from now on since I agree on Enjays points regarding the MD2 format.

I downloaded some MD2 models, for example a stormtrooper, with so much "wobbliness" in its animations, that it was completely unuseable...

Unfortunatly the same issues apply to the DMD models (they are VERY similar to MD2 and have the same weaknesses), making Doomsday an unuseable port for making modern next gen doom stuff

is there a way to batch convert the files? I have found none so far... I used a tool bundled with doomsday to go from DMD to MD2 using the commandline and some fancy scripting

without a batch conversion tool then I'd need to open each file in maverick, but I guess I might to do that anyway, since I will need to determine what animations to use in various situations and evaluate the animations in each model, to determine if the model and its animations are in a useable form, ie. not too much wobbliness

a lot of the models are without animation though, because they are static objects...
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Re: batch converting models

Postby WARCHILD_89 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:09 pm

I once coverted tons of half life .mdl files into md3 with a batch provided by Noesis. ... ojects.php
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