What about flamethrowers?

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What about flamethrowers?

Postby Okgo5555 » Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:01 pm

SO, I've been looking to implement a flamethrower into my personal mod for some time. Here's where I'm kinda stuck. I can get the Zscript, sound, behavior, and general "feel" of the weapon right, but I haven't come across any art that is consistent with OG DooM. For a point of context, my personal mod takes away translucencies and alot Zdoom's "flare" and aims to ADD the things I want to play with when playing DooM, gameplay and aesthetics-wise, but not change the style and aesthetics of the original. So, What would a flamethrower look like if Adrain Carmack and Kevin Cloud worked on it and Romero put it into the game? Everyone seems to use the ROTT and Duke3d fire and flame sprites and they DO LOOK GREAT, but it doesn't match the original art style of DooM at all (and yes, I know that the friggin Archvile fire is totally inconsistent as well its annoyed me for nearly 28 years). Is there anyone who is aware of a mod or sprites assets that might make sense to help me find something useful?
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Re: What about flamethrowers?

Postby TriTT » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:16 pm

I know this is a fairly late reply, but to me a flamethrower would've looked a lot like the plasma rifle but with a flame attack similar to what you'd see with the aerosol can from Blood. Maybe the flamethrower sprites from the Jaguar or 3DO Wolfenstein 3D would work too as a sprite for a flamethrower weapon.

If you want a flamethrower code, I have the DOOM Hacker's Guide book and it has a section about creating a flamethrower.
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